Thursday, June 25, 2015

Italy, Week 34 (7/1/15) - Cranking Out the Miracles

Oh my gosh hiiii! So after a great P day last week, we met this wonderful woman doing finding and we starting talking about Gospel things and she was asking some really great questions, so we ended up talking a lot about the Plan of Salvation and we planned to meet up again the next day. She's obviously going through a really hard time and she really appreciated our encounter M it was so cool!
Thursday came around and we had a stellar morning but then evening came and tiredness hit us like a giant sack of really comfy, fluffy pillows. We were walking and by the end of a few minutes we were walking soooo.... Sloowwwww.... We could hardly move. We were planning on getting gelato later that night but both us agreed that we needed it then. So we're getting our gelato and the woman serving us is just staring at my tag and asks, "you guys are here too?" So we start talking to her and she's not a member, but she's very religious and said she's been lacking in the Spirit lately and needs a spiritual pick me up. So we exchanged numbers and said we'll meet some time. It was so cool! Then we saw the woman that we met the night before and she actually called us and asked us where we were! So cool. So we had an incredible discussion with her and she really needed it. Oh and the night before after we prayed with her, she suddenly said, "I have my religion and I don't want to change." (Like in a nice way, that kinda sounded rude how I typed it...) and we hadn't said anything about
changing or taking lessons with us or anything. MEANING that the Spirit told her what she needed to know, that this was true and she recognized that it would mean she would have to make a few changes
THE CHURCH IS TRUE! God speaks to His children today because He loves us and will never leave us. Don't forget it
Then yesterday. Ah man, yesterday. What. A. Day. We had a scambio (exchange – time with someone other than their normal companion), but it was a double scambio, meaning that both the STLs came here and we were all on the city, just split up. So we saw a lot of miracles in general, but the craziest was in the afternoon. Me and my companion had a lesson with a woman in a park, but we were unable to find her.  Plus we had a member with us... So after about half an hour we gave up and decided this lesson wasn't happening. So we told the member she could go home if she wanted but she said that she didn't have any plans and that she would love to do some finding with us. (Have I ever told you that the members here in Trieste are INCREDIBLE?) so we started walking around and talking to basically everyone and ended up teaching four lessons! It was amazing! And it was so cool to have a member with us to bear her testimony and people could see we're normal and not just weird missionaries in our church. It was incredible! Talk about scambio miracles. And it was just in a matter of an hour and a half! It was amazing! That NEVER happens. Well obviously it does because it did, but it was still super cool! I love scambios and members.
And I love all of you! And I love the mission. It's amazing how much inspiration you get on the mission. Because you're always thinking about spiritual things, so you're always open and ready to hear from the Spirit. The mission is really shaping me and I'm so grateful for it. 
I'm so grateful to all of you! Thank you for your love and
support and for always backing me up. Vi voglio tantissimo bene!
Sorella Hawks :)
I got to see Sorella Burt! She had to come pick up her permission to stay in the country thing so we got to say hi and talk for a bit.  It was so great!

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