Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Italy, Week 29 (5/27/15) - Transfersss!

Hello all! Yes, it was transfer news week. This transfer went by so dang fast... But, the news is that the Burt-Hawks team is finally being split. After three wonderful, miraculous transfers together, it was time for our adventures to come to a close (for now). So I get to stay here in the wonderful city of Trieste and I will have Sorella Christiansen (not totally sure how to spell it yet...) as my companion :) she is one transfer below me, so I'm excited that we're so close in
mission age. It does mean however that I need to know this city.... Like, it has been 4.5 months, so I do know it pretty well, but we'll see! Wish me luck! I'm excited though. It'll be fun to have someone new here so every time we do finding in an area that I've done finding in more times than care to count, it'll be like it's new again! So I'm happy :)
But yeah, this week has been pretty crazy. We've been out out out running around from appointment to appointment. Most of them were member visits so Sorella Burt could salute everyone before she left.  It's been crazy but so much fun!
We got the call Friday night instead of Saturday because Sorella Burt has been called to Milano as a Sister Training Leader! STLs and Zone Leaders get called the night before, so we were surprised to see the office calling that night. We did not expect it at all. But Sorella Burt is going to be an incredible STL! 

Well, to be perfectly honest, there's really not much else to say...  We've just been all over this city seeing our incredible members and investigators. I'm healthy, happy, and loving every minute of this wonderful opportunity to be a missionary of the Lord. I love you all so much! Be good, choose the right, and find the light in the tunnel ;) Vi voglio un MONDO di bene!!!

Sorella Hawks :)

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