Thursday, June 25, 2015

Italy, Week 33 (6/24/15) - Dreams of Baptims

Hellooooooooo! Mamma mia, what a Week!  As always. Haha! This week was definitely much better than last week. Last week nearly no one was stopping for us and if they would it would just be to answer a question and walk away. So it was starting to wear on us. But! As we always see, the Lord always rewards us for our work and tests us and prepares us for greater things ahead. This was has been great! 
So last Wednesday we had a lesson with an investigator who we invited to baptism and the first time she said, "sure, why not? I've already been baptized twice before!"  Scary.  But it's a start. We went a couple weeks without seeing her and then we saw her last Wednesday and had a bap date lined up for her. When we brought up baptism, this time she said, "yes, I would really like that. I would really like to be baptized in your church. " yay!  Sadly she can't be baptized until September, due to health, but still! Her heart is changing and she's getting closer! 
Also, our one progressing investigator who told us that she doesn't want to get baptized now, but maybe in a year or so, is starting to have the desire to baptized! Thanks to a husband who told her she can't be baptized :) She told us it's her choice and she'll darn well get baptized if she so pleases. You go girl! Gosh, I love that woman.
On Friday we got caught in a very strange situation. So I told y’all about our cute little Welch friend we met a couple weeks ago. Well we set up an appointment with her and she asked if she could bring a friend. When she showed up, she had three friends with her. All male.  All old. We didn't think anything of it until us three girls left the table to go order our food and she starts telling us about how these are great guys with good intentions who would never do anything bad to us. We could go dancing with them and they wouldn't try anything on us. Even though they're a bit older than us, they're great guys. So we start wondering about her intentions with this whole thing. But it was a fun night and we showed them “Because of Him” and talked about it. And one of the guys turned out to be an investigator of the Elders that they were trying to drop because he wouldn't keep his commitments. But he and his friend decided they would come to church, and they came!
Sometimes it just takes the
Sorella touch.  But whenever the Anziani try to set something up with them, they're
very adamant about making sure that the
Sorelle are more than welcome to come. So we've got a situation on our hands that's starting to become slightly sticky and we need to wash before it takes some heavier duty cleaning supplies to clean up... Hehe....
Yesterday we talked to a wonderful woman on a beautiful pier with beautiful wind and weather and it was such a dream! And after we prayed she was almost crying and thanked us so much for the encounter.  It was so perfect! She's so great! I love great people.  Just like all of you! I love you all! Thank you for everything! You're
the best! Remember that although life is a roller coaster and you may be doing everything God asks of you, things aren't always perfect. But God is always with you every step of the way, cheering you on, holding
your hand, and at times carrying you when you just can't seem to put one foot in front of the other. And things will look up. Just have faith. Keep doing what you're doing, and love every minute of it. Vi
voglio un mondo di bene!  (I want a world of good!)
tanto affetto, (With much love)
Sorella Hawks :)

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