Thursday, October 22, 2015

Italy, Week 50 (10/22/15) - Glad Tidings of Great Fun!

So last week's email was super lame. But fear not! I bring ye good tidings of great fun. For unto us is given this day adventures and conferences. Come. See.
On Thursday we saw one of our investigators and every time we met with her we asked about baptism and she always said that she wasn't sure and wanted to learn more, but she was praying about it. This time when we asked her she told us that she wants to be baptized! She's not ready now, but she knows that she wants to be a part of this. So cool!  She's so great :) we just need to help her get up early Sunday morning and come to church...
That night we got super lost trying to find someone's house because we came from a different direction and couldn't find her house.  #milanoproblems but we made it home. Our home, not hers. But we made it home. That's all that matters.  We got to teach the second half of mission prep (because we were late. Oops.) and it was so cool! Teaching mission prep is the funnest thing, especially as a missionary. They're so excited and open and wonderful!  There's just a great spirit there.
We had a scambio this week and I was with Sorella Taylor. She is the funniest person ever haha! It was SUCH A FUN SCAMBIO. In the morning we were doing metro finding and at one point I was sitting and she suddenly told me to lift me feet and I look down and see some strange colored liquid running towards my feet. When I look at where it was coming from, this poor teenage boy had thrown up and it ran all the way down the whole metro. Poor kid, he was probably traumatized. But it was cool to see all the people that stayed where he was and gave him tissues and tried to help in some way. Good people are good :)  So that was fun!
Oh I forgot to mention in my email last week that on that Sunday, (which was fast Sunday) one of the members got up and showed a little drawing and announced to the ward that it was a picture of the ship that would bring us to heaven. That was exciting. She asked us to bring her like five copies of the Book of Mormon in three different languages. Am I worried? Slightly.
On Monday and Tuesday we did another scambio and this time I was with the cutest ever Sorelle from the Philippines everrrr. In her first transfer and my second, we got to do a trio scambio with her, Sorella Snow and I while our trainers were in a meeting. So we got to do a real scambio this time! And she's awesome! We got to go do some missionary work with this cute new convert who's fifteen years old and it was so fun!
Tuesday night six Sorelle came to the church because they were sleeping over for the conference we were having the next day. Three of them slept over our house, so I got to hear a little about Trieste :)  when we were about to head into FHE, some old guy asked if we were having a pajama party and I joked around and said yes and he thought it was super funny. Like, so funny. He just puts his harm around me and pulls me in and holds me, laughing and I freaked out. Guys, I haven't been hugged my a male figure in a LONG time. It was terrifying. AND HE WOULDN'T LET GO!!!! I had to shove my elbow in his side and push away to free myself.
That night after the lesson in FHE we played a game that's a lot like switching truths and it was fun but INSANE. Like, really dangerous because there were a ton of people in a tiny room, running around, pushing. I got sat on
Then we had the coolest conference ever!!! Which is why Pday was moved back a day. Sorry i forgot to say something! Oops. But it was with Linda K. Burton, the general relief society president, Bonnie L. Oscarson, the young women general president, and Elder Johnson, an area seventy. All of the Sorelle in the mission came and it was so cool! After the original meeting, they dismissed all the elders and the Sorelle got to stay. During lunch I sat at the same table as Sister Burton and it was awesome! She is the most wonderful woman ever. She's so spiritual, so funny, so real. One of my favorite quotes from that lunch: "We are not Pinterest!" Haha! She was talking about how everyone thinks they have to be perfect, but that doesn't matter. We need to simplify and focus on the important things. She's so cool! It was an AWESOME experience. I love meeting with general authorities
because we get to see that they're real people and they're so wonderful. It really grows my testimony that they truly are called of
God to lead the church.
And here we are! Happy and somewhat healthy :) getting nice and chubby, but trying to resist it. It's not working.
I love you all so much. I had a lot of really cool, good spiritual thoughts this week, but I can't think of them. Just remember to be
happy and love where you are and what you're doing, and serve those around you. Find the joy wherever you can and love what the Lord gives you, because all of it is good, even if it's hard.
I love you soooooo much! Have a WONDERFUL week!
Tanti baci, vi voglio bene,
Sorella Hawks :)
Fun Picture from Mission Conference (Note General Church leaders in the back)

Sisters meeting after Mission Conference with the general relief society president and the young women general president
 This is my companion!  She is awesome!
We're so cool!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Italy, Week 49 (10/14/15) - What Even Happened This Week?!

A question I couldn't answer. This week feels like it was forever. I was looking through my planner and I saw that we had our zone training meeting this past Thursday and I was baffled. THAT WAS FOREVER AGO.  Time, it's so weird.
Anywho, I'm happy, I'm working, I'm trying. It's still kinda weird having so many missionaries in one city but it's super fun.  
Our whole mission is reading the Book of Mormon through and finishing 25 December, so we have to read about six pages a day. But here's the fun part (maybe I already talked about this last week...): we are focusing completely on Christ, His ministry and His attributes in this reading.  It's so beautiful.  I'm learning so much and the Book of Mormon has been given such a new light, seeing how truly focused it is on Jesus Christ.  One thing I noticed in my reading this morning was that I started the Isaiah chapters and as I was focusing on Christ, I understood it so much more. It makes perfect sense! We all got an email from our president saying that it turns out that everyone is saying the same thing. Isaiah's prime focus is on the Savior. When we read his teachings with our focus on Christ, it makes sense. Why else do you think we are exhorted to read his teachings?  They bring us unto Christ and teach us how to gain salvation through Him.  
How cool is that?!
Give it a try, I dare you :)
Anywho, things are going well here in Milano. Nothing exciting or different happened this week. Sorry, no funny stories... I'll try to make some for next week :)
I love you all so much! Thank you for everything!
voglio bene!
Sorella Hawks :)

Sorry for lack of pictures, they're all on my comp's iPad....

Friday, October 9, 2015

Italy, Week 48 (10/7/15) - I 3 Conference. Basta.

Gooooood morning people of America!!! Or good night maybe...  Anywho, this week was great! On Thursday I dropped off Sorella Nilsen  and picked up Sorella Stott, my new collega! She's from Idaho and loud and therefore super fun. I love her, she's great :)
We visited a lot of great people and I love the opportunity to have five new missionaries here because they don't know who to talk to and who "not" to so they talk to everyone! And so I learn the names of all the people I forgot! It's great! 
Haha.  We had one cool miracle where we went to teach a new convert and as soon as we got there was like, "Sorelle, my friend is here. He's not a member. I'm going to go get him, you think of something to teach him.“ 
Ummmm okay, awesome! So we taught him the restoration and it was awesome! He came to general conference and then to FHE and now the Anziani will be teaching him! So really exciting stuff :) I love our members, they're so involved with missionary work and work so hard to get their friends to learn about the Gospel. I love it!  So we had conference this weekend and I only saw two sessions, but it was awesome! I love that it talked so much about turning to God to know what we need to do personally to improve. That's been my biggest thing lately. In my past cities it was obvious what I needed to learn.  But now I'm here and it's all different so it's been such a blessing to hear about how I can know for myself what I need to do.It's been an interesting week, lots of new missionaries, lots of reorganizing and figuring things out, but lots of  wonderful things are coming :)
I'm sorry this email is short and lame, but it's all I can really think about right now. I love you all so much! Keep being wonderful and keep seeking for ways to consistently improve, I'll do the same. 
voglio tanto bene!!
Sorella Hawks :)
 Me and all my living comps!!
 I'm just way too happy in this picture
 I'm still in Milano!