Friday, October 9, 2015

Italy, Week 48 (10/7/15) - I 3 Conference. Basta.

Gooooood morning people of America!!! Or good night maybe...  Anywho, this week was great! On Thursday I dropped off Sorella Nilsen  and picked up Sorella Stott, my new collega! She's from Idaho and loud and therefore super fun. I love her, she's great :)
We visited a lot of great people and I love the opportunity to have five new missionaries here because they don't know who to talk to and who "not" to so they talk to everyone! And so I learn the names of all the people I forgot! It's great! 
Haha.  We had one cool miracle where we went to teach a new convert and as soon as we got there was like, "Sorelle, my friend is here. He's not a member. I'm going to go get him, you think of something to teach him.“ 
Ummmm okay, awesome! So we taught him the restoration and it was awesome! He came to general conference and then to FHE and now the Anziani will be teaching him! So really exciting stuff :) I love our members, they're so involved with missionary work and work so hard to get their friends to learn about the Gospel. I love it!  So we had conference this weekend and I only saw two sessions, but it was awesome! I love that it talked so much about turning to God to know what we need to do personally to improve. That's been my biggest thing lately. In my past cities it was obvious what I needed to learn.  But now I'm here and it's all different so it's been such a blessing to hear about how I can know for myself what I need to do.It's been an interesting week, lots of new missionaries, lots of reorganizing and figuring things out, but lots of  wonderful things are coming :)
I'm sorry this email is short and lame, but it's all I can really think about right now. I love you all so much! Keep being wonderful and keep seeking for ways to consistently improve, I'll do the same. 
voglio tanto bene!!
Sorella Hawks :)
 Me and all my living comps!!
 I'm just way too happy in this picture
 I'm still in Milano!

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