Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Italy, Week 47 (9/30/15) - I Feel Old

Okay, I guess I will start with the most exciting part of the week, which would happen to be transfer calls. Sadly, Sorella Nilsen and I are not staying together for a third transfer as we had hoped :( BUT I get to stay here and my new companion is Sorella Stott. Sorella Nilsen is going down to Prato, which is super close to Firenze and SHE GETS A CAR! It's the only car in the mission for Sorelle, so it's really exciting. I hope I never get the car. Drivers here are insane. They don't follow ANY rulesCommunque, it's sad, but exciting! Plus Sorella Nilsen and I know that we‘ll be best friends after the mission still and hang out at BYU and all that great stuff, so it's not too sad :)  
On Thursday and Friday we did a scambio with the other Sorelle in Como and it was a dream. They have zero problems. Their our dream coppia. I absolutely love all of our Sorelle, but this scambio was an answer to my prayers. I got to go to Como this time and we got fresh baked bread in the morning for breakfast and the best gelato in Italy and it was divine.
We recently started teaching a new investigator who is a referral from a member and she's awesome! She's 17 and is looking to come closer to a church. She's really quiet, so sometimes it's hard to know what she thinks about everything, but she keeps meeting with us! She's really great, so cute.
So. One day on the mission tanto tempo fa, Sorella Nilsen had a dream about a yellow house and knew that there was a family in there waiting for the Gospel. Before I left for my mission, my mom had an impression that there was a family with dark hair in Italy waiting for me.  There's a street of actually houses near our apartment that we knew was special and sacred. We finally made time to go there, but we just had enough time to knock on the yellow houses. Nothing happened, we had lots of rejections, some nice enough and some really not nice. But we noticed that there was a woman outside her house next to one of the yellow houses that we had just tried. She came out and we had a wonderful conversation and she told us to come back! It was a red house and she had gray hair, but we don't pick and choose what God blesses us with! Plus we didn't finish knocking all the houses, so just wait to hear about those miracles! They're coming! Brace yourselves.
We had a delicious meal with our new convert Chris and his mom and dad and it was soooo yummy! So. Much food. It was a mix between Italian and Filipino, but it was a great mix. Yum yum.  Sunday we visited a less active family that we see a lot and there was an explosion and tears and straight up yelling. It was not pretty. How do we help this family?!?! Two teenage daughters who are great, but are teenage girls who spend lots of time on their phones and don't always listen to their mom, and a single mom struggling to understand her daughters and won't listen to us when we try to help her. I just want them to have peace and love in their home!
Monday a member from Nepal wanted to feed all us missionaries, so.....  Oh my gosh, half my email just got deleted. So mad. Okay, basically  this member fed us a lot and it was yummy and fattening, then later that night we got fed more and felt sick, but that's the mission. The COOL part that got deleted was how we went to visit a less active member. I'm just going to post what I wrote to President
had a week full of miracles!! It was incredible! one of them happened when we went to teach a less active member. In the morning we were trying to plan her lesson, but nothing felt right. We tried to find scriptures but everything felt off. We tried thinking of something else we could teach her but nothing was coming; we were having a stupor of thought. But we chose to go with what we had originally planned, knowing that there was a reason and everything would go the way it needed to go. A few minutes after we arrived at this member's house, her non member friend came over. We started teaching the Gospel, and after talking about baptism the conversation slid into the Restoration and she just kept asking all the right questions. When we talked Bout Joseph Smith searching for the true church, she said that she is just like Joseph. It was a beautiful lesson, full of the Spirit.
So that was cool :)
Last night we had FHE and it was crazy! Oh, other transfer news, both the Anziani are being taken out and FOUR new ones of coming in. Aka there's going to be six missionaries in Cimiano and only one of them knows the city. And guess who that one is? Yours truly
I'm fine.
It's payback for when my trainer and I whitewashed Busto and one Elder had to teach three of us the city. It'll be fine though, I'm honestly not super worried about it. But anyway, so FHE was crazy because three missionaries were leaving, but it was super fun! And a member randomly gave us each a bouquet of flowers, it was so cute!!  What I've learned this week is to always be grateful. Be grateful in the moment. Love the people, love every moment you spend with them, and love your trials for what you're learning. Going around saying goodbye to people (not me...) made me see how truly great these people are and how much I truly do love them. But it also made me realize how much more I need to show that love for them. It made me realize that if I had left, would they have known that I loved them? I'm not an open person, I don't talk about how I feel to people. I feel weird telling them I love them. But it's what they need to hear! That's why I'm here!
Thank you to all of you for always sharing and showing your love to me. I'm so grateful to know that I have friends and family supporting me who love me and want good for me.  You guys are the best. Thank you
thank you thank you. Vi voglio tanto bene!
Sorella Hawks :)

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