Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Italy, Week 44 (9/8/15) - Can't Think of a Good Title...

Sorry! Aside from the lame heading, however, this week was full of miracles and wonderful things :)
First off, we got to visit a less active family and we brought a
new convert with us who doesn't have very many friends. They're some of the few Italians in our ward, so they hit it off great! They're all from the South, so we got about five words in the entire night, but it was great! They talked about how America influences Italy too much and
it's New York's fault that everyone in Milano stays up late and
build giant waterslides. Don't ask me what we did to cause such havoc. But they're all friends! Plus we're hoping that this friendship will help our new convert's husband to find more desire to join the church. And miracle of all is that we made it home on time! And by on time I of course mean that we didn't have to call our mission president....
Friday and Saturday we did a
scambio with the Sorelle from Lampugnano, another city in Milano. I got to go there with a new missionary in her second transfer who's from England! Her name is Sorella Barlow and she's so cute! Funnest accent ever. We visited one of their investigators who is from New York! He's from a small town near Sleepy
Hollow and he actually knew my school. It was so fun! We
would randomly stop each other while we were talking when the other would say something that the other hadn't heard in forever and whatnot. It was a little piece of home!
scambio was super fun! But dang, it's hard being an STL.... Comp struggles and drama.... Sorella Nilsen and I both heard different ends so we're probably going to have a comp inventory sit down session.   Hope all goes well!
We saw an ex investigator who had texted us and told us that
she wanted to meet with us! We taught the Resto and it went so well! She knows this church is true but she doesn't recognize it, which is hard.  We tried explaining that maybe the fact that she feels so good here and missed the church and wanted to meet with us again is her answer.
But now she just has to come to that conclusion for herself. But
she is so great
On Sunday we visited the cousins of a new convert and it was so fun! We had delicious Bolivian food where the chicken just fell off the bone. So good. Then we taught them and they were super open! We have to pass them over to the Navigli Sorelle, which happens to be my ex-comp Sorella Burt, so I know they're. In good hands :) after that we
had a lesson with a less active member and the senior couple in
the office came with us and it was a miracle lesson. The Sister is a reflexologist and she worked on our member while we taught and by the end of that lesson, there was a peace in that home that I had never felt there before. It was incredible. The lesson went well and our member was so happy and calm. It was SUCH a miracle. I need to study that stuff when I get home.
The rest of the week we taught the wonderful word of God to
our wonderful people here in Cimiano. I could go on forever about them, but you guys probably wouldn't find as much joy in it as I do haha

Just know that I love you, but more importantly that God and Jesus Christ love you. One of my favorite things about serving a mission is being able to tell so many people that they are not alone and that they need not feel alone. We may be surrounded by people, have a good family and great friends, but we still feel a small, quiet emptiness.
A little tiny part of us that's hollow, that often times we
don't  notice in all the world around us. But when we're by ourselves, do we feel God's love? Do we feel it was we walk to busy street to work or school? Do we try? I love telling people that no matter their situation, whether it be heartbreak, a broken family, devastating illness, or just a feeling of loneliness, they are not alone. Christ suffered not only for our sins, but for our sorrows. He shed our tears and laughed our laughter. And He continues to do so with us. He knows us better than we know ourselves. We need never feel alone. That empty, hollow part in our heart can and will be filled as we turn to our Lord and Savior. I know this is true, I have experienced it in my life multiple times. He loves us and wants us to be complete, full, and overall  HAPPY. I love that word. HAPPY. Yes, we can and should be happy in this life. But true lasting happiness and joy only come through Jesus Christ.
I love you all so much, thank you for everything.
voglio un mondo di bene,
Vostra Sorella in Dio,
Sorella Hawks :)
These are our cards we made for our Sorelle! Attack the day!

 Got your good old El Camino in there

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