Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Italy, Week 30 (6/3/15) - What a Strange Week!

Whelp, first of all, sorry I didn't get an email out to y'all last week! We were emailing outside this little caffé with free wifi (and eating gelato. Obvi.) and I lost the connection while I was writing my email. Sadly we didn't have enough time to wait and fight to get it back, and when I looked just now, it didn't save it in the drafts.... Heh heh, sorry..... But it's fine, y'all didn't miss that much.  Basically we got transfer news and I am now captain of the Trieste Sorelle (aka, my new companion is one transfer below me) and Sorella Burt is off to Milano for bigger and better things as a Sister Training Leader. That's basically all I talked about last week. We had
a good week saying bye to all our simps and members, so it was fun! We were exhausted by the end though and I'm still suffering for it haha.  And now we're here, in good old Trieste for my fourth and possibly last transfer with the wonderful Sorella Christensen :) she's really cute and in some ways reminds me of Emma Ricks. She's a head taller than me, my first companion that when I saw her the first thing that popped into my mind is "oh. She's tall." Obviously all my companions have been taller than me, but not this much! Haha. She's really cute and really good at the language and missionary work. We've already seen tons of miracles together! We taught 6 lessons in one day! That might not seem like a lot, but here it's, like, huge. So we were
stoked :) plus we already found a new investigator together! So yeah, great things are coming. Brace yourselves. Miracle emails are coming.
We had a really funny encounter with a less active woman that we work with. She is such a character and she loovesss missionaries. She got pretty attached to Sorella Burt and I too, so when we walked in she attacked. She's never hugged and kissed me like this before... But first, when we first walked I we look up to see her walking away from us ( thank goodness) in nothing but underpants... And she was like "come in! HAWKS! COME IN!" And we're standing by the door like, we don't want to.... Luckily she put sufficient clothing in before turning around to hug and kiss my face all over. But she liked Sorella Christensen right from the start! Normally she doesn't like the new missionary and takes a while to warm up, but it was good! So I'm happy
:)  But yeah, that was interesting. Then she showed us a video of her belly dancing, which is a classic move of hers. I've seen her belly dance more time to count. Gosh, I love that woman.
But yeah, we've been doing a lot of finding lately because we just saw everyone before Burt left, so we're trying to fill our time with finding and whatnot :)  Being in charge of the city is stressful and I don't feel cut out for it, but my comp is a fast learner so all is well :)  All is well, I'm happy and tired, stressed but healthy and jolly :) I love you all so much! YOU DA BEST. VVB!!!!
Sorella Hawks :)

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