Thursday, May 21, 2015

Italy, Week 28 (5/20/15) - Baptisms and iPads. Whut.

ALICE GOT BAPTIZEDDDDDD. Pictures to come next week :) (hopefully) Oh my gosh, that was so stressful. I remember during that day being like "Why wasn't I this stressed and freaked out during Giovanni's baptism?" It's because I was a greenie and really had no idea what was going on other than the basic facts, so nothing could stress me out. Poor Sorella Yost, she must have been dying with all the stress and work on her. but yeah, so many emotions that day. So the day before we spent some time cleaning the font, which, in the words of Anziano Horne, "I have never been so excited to clean something." It's true. That was the funnest, most exciting time I've had cleaning anything. I LOVE BAPTISMS.
But yeah, so we got there a few hours early so we could start filling up the font, because fonts here in Italy take years to fill. So we start and there's no hot water. We flip some switches according to directions and no hot water. Panic sets in. So we call people. no one answers. So we just nervously play piano and sing Italian Children's song from the song book trying to calm nerves when finally Bishop calls back and is like "yeah, someone shut off the water for the whole church building. We'll send someone over to turn that on for
ya." you think they would have thought of that before, like when we had reminded everyone about the baptism the night before. It's okay, he's busy and super wonderfully great. I love our bishop. Anywhoosle. Thank goodness someone showed up and turned it on and made us nervous that it wouldn't fill in time. But it did :) PRAYERS ARE ANSWERED. Speaking of which, we had an amazing experience about that recently. Get excited.
Anywho, so it went great, nothing too damaging happened. her blessing with her confirmation the next day were beautiful. I gave a talk in church (first official talk) and it was rough (I found out the night before. yayyy!) I don't want to talk about it.
Okay, so on Monday we were doing some finding, walking around, when we see this girl that we had met in a park(right next to where we
wereat the moment) a week or so earlier. She saw us and met up with us and was super excited to see us! She was like "I was really hoping I'd get to see you guys. I wanted to thank you. Literally a few days after you prayed for my family with me, my mom called me and we had just gotten money, practically out of nowhere. and my mom is way more tranquil and happy. thank you so much! I'm way more available to meet with you guys!" So we were like uhhhhh yeah! And she toldus that she's the type of person that doesn't really believe in soemthing unless she sees it or feels it. She believes there's something out there, but not totally sure about God. So this answer to this prayer was SO perfect! SHE SAW the power of prayer! And she said once she believes it, nothing can shake her beliefs. It's so cool that she recognized it too! GAH! God answers prayers everyone! For your missionaries, always try to pray with the people you stop on the street, bus, metro, wherever! It has SO much power!!
Oh, and we got iPads.
We had a Zone Training which was so great! I <3 Zone Trainings.
But yeah! we had a wonderful week full of laughs, tears, rejections, and kisses on the cheeks. Italians love to kiss you on the cheek. Thank goodness I love it when they do, especially the really cute old ladies. Those are my favorite kisses.
VVB, hugs and
baccis all around.
Sorella Hawks :)

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