Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Italy, Week 24 (4/15/15) - Chocolate. Chocolate Everywhere.

We have a lot of chocolate and other various sweets. And they keep coming. It's really hard to try to lose this food baby fat when we keep getting more delicious food. Anyway, it was a good week! This will probably be short and I apologize in advance (for those who just die and wait for my emails will I got into perfect detail about everything that happened, especially the food I ate) but your welcome to those who like short emails! (aka missionaries.)
We saw 
lotsss of miracles! Oh, I forgot to tell you that right before I emailed last week, Sorella Burt and I had stuffed ourselves obese with Sushi...Like we straight almost threw up. That'll hold my sushi cravings over for the rest of my mission for sure.
One of our investigators told us she knows it's true!!! The only problem is that when we brought baptism up again, she said of course!.....after years........ 
Sooooo yeah, there's that. She definitely wants to go slow... and now she's ignoring us... BUT THAT'S OKAY BECAUSE SHE KNOWS IT'S TRUE!!! Which means we'll get a hold of her again, so I'm not worried :)
We had a wonderful dinner this week with a few members and their non member friend who lives in the very apartment where the ward used to have their church building 
yearsss ago. And she's wonderful!! She's super excited to see us again and learn more :) I love her, she's so wonderful.
Oh man, we had the 
ugliesstt day this week weather wise. We went running in the morning and there was a little sprinkle of rain, but that doesn't phase us! It was actually very wonderful! Then after studies and whatnot 3 hours later....it's straight pouring....plus a little bit of the Bora. Whut. Yeah, it was pretty ugly. And it bent my nice umbrella that I took from the house in Busto! I was really sad and gave up and just shared the umbrella with Sorella Burt. We saw this cute little old woman walking down the street with her walker with no umbrella! She was just walking alonggg. So we ran up and I gave her my slightly broken umbrella. she was super grateful for it and she said that she was 93 years old! Just going for a lovely stroll in a hurricane. She was super awesome. And when we told her we were missionaries she was just like "OHHHH!!! How wonderful! You know what, come to my house. Here's my address." So that was super cool. Cutest most brava 93 year old everrrr.
Sunday these two wonderful older women in our ward fought over who was our moms so they did the equivalent of rock paper scissors and called who was their daughter. It was really entertaining.
Monday I received the greatest compliment of my life: "Your defense is on FIRE!"
I'm really improving my 
calcetto (foosball) skills :)
Our investigator with a bap date is 
sooooooo WONDERFUL. She's sooooo ready, she basically taught US the Plan of Salvation. She's so excited and so ready. I'm so stoked for her! I love her so much!
Yesterday we ran into that Korean woman I told y'all about forever ago on the bus! She was 
sooo excited to see us and we were soooo excited to see her! Then later we ran into that woman that we had dinner with all the members the other tnight that I just told you about it this email! Miracle daaaaayyy. It was so great. :)
Anyway, It was a great week. I love you all and thank you all for your love and support. Monday we get to sit at the feet of an Apostle of the Lord. I can't wait!! It's going to be 
Just know that I love all of you lots and lots and want a world of good for you :) I love this time in my life to be a missionary. I pray for each of you every night :) Vi 
voglio tantissimo bene :)
Sorella Hawks :)

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