Monday, March 2, 2015

Italy, Week 14, (2/4/15) , The Bora Struggle is so Real

I have experienced the Bora. And it is so real. And it is such a struggle. Especially in a skirt.Anyway. This week was crazy. So we tried to do another 21 Lesson week because we really need more people to teach and we KNOW there is at least one person here that is willing and ready to hear the message and change. So we figured the more people we stopped on the street that more likely it would be to find them (which still holds true) Sadly we didn't get 21 Lessons, and it was a super bummer, but we learned a lot. We talked to a lot of great people and we were rejected a lot, but the miracles we saw made up for it all. We didn't see any crazy big miracles, but just being able to talk to certain people and meet them and the little things like that. We met one woman that is friends with nearly everyone in the ward and was a referral that a ward member ALMOST gave us (this close) but said she wanted to talk to her first. Now we met her and she knows us! It was amazing! Also, Sunday night was awful. It was freezing and raining and super windy and after doing strada for about 1.5 hours, we decided to just get on a random bus and try bus finding. While on the bus we realized it was one that takes us to a less active's house that the sorelle have been trying to get a hold of for a really long time. And we got to see her! She didn't let us in because she has the flu, but she said hopefully she'll feel better next week and we'll be able to see each other! It was amazing!! And she's super duper cool.
But yeah, we had some crazy times this week... Sunday night we stopped this one woman and she shared some very interesting beliefs with us, one of them being that she was God, Sorella Burt was God and I was God. All the while stroking Sorella Burt's hair. It was sooo funny. Italians are really touchy. One woman that I tried to stop just patted me on the cheek, smiled and walked away. Little old Italian woman are so funny and so fabulous.
Also, the people here in Trieste just fall. Like, all the time. They'll be walking and all of a sudden they just fall. It's so odd. One time we were standing at a bus stop when a little old woman walked in front of us (in the road) and all of a sudden she just fell forward... It's probably because she was going down hill. I'm convinced it's because of how hilly an windy it is here that people just fall s frequently.
Anyway, yeah, I  can't really think of anything else to talk about from this week. We saw a castle today! Cause, you know, we can just walk to castles here. It's whatever. 
It's whatever but I still geek out hardcore about it. It's fine. Anywho... Yeah, it was soooo old and so cool! And oh man, the view. THE VIEW. We could see the ocean (with the OTHER castle of Trieste (so much royalty here...)) and the hills and oh man. It was just too much. But the Bora was pretty intense today. But yeah, it was super cool! 
I love the mission! Sometimes it's incredibly hard and you don't know why it's hard. You do everything you're supposed to and more and yet no one will talk to you and all your appointments fall through. It gets really hard sometimes. But it's such a beautiful time. Because when you're low and feel like you just can't do it anymore. You feel heartbroken and weak and like you can't bear to walk another step or to have someone say "no" one more time. That's when you just give your whole heart to God. Because you can't do it. But God can. And God can help you and will. Things don't always get easier, sometimes they get harder. But you know God is right there with you. And you know Christ is right there with you because He knows exactly how you feel. He's been through it, and you are standing shoulder to shoulder with Him. He knows what it's like to be rejected and left alone and to feel weak. And He knows exactly what you're going through. This time has truly been the most beautiful time of my life and I'm coming to understand what all that truly means more and more. Thank you everyone for all you have done for me. Thank you for helping me get to where I am today. I love you all so much!! Thank you!! Vi voglio un MONDO di bene!!!
Sorella Hawks:)

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