Monday, March 2, 2015

Italy, Week 16, (2/18/15), Miles of Smiles and Carnivale

This week was Carnivale and it was pretty much just like a week long Halloween. We saw random people around the city dressed in costumes all around the city and the streets were covered in confetti. Tuesday night was the last night of Carnivale, so they had these random little ghetto parades going through the streets and everyone was dressed up and there was a huge party or something in one of the main piazzas. and confetti EVERYWHERE. At one point Sorella Burt and I couldn't handle it anymore so we picked some confetti up from the ground and through it in the air. There's still confetti in my shoes.Yesterday morning we decided to change up our finding a bit and we took a whiteboard and just wrote "Smile!" on it with a bunch of smiley faces. It was SO MUCH FUN! We got so many people to smile. A lot of people tried to fight it, but we saw it ;) a couple people said it was a beautiful thing that we were doing that. One woman actually stopped and said how great that it, read our tags and called us great girls. It was so sweet! We got quite a few giggles too, mostly from older men, which was really funny. They'd look like these grumpy old men and then they would giggle like little girls. And we just smiled really big and said hello to everyone we saw. It was so fun! One guy even patted me on the back! It was SOOO incredibly fun. Some people won't stop to talk to us, but they'll smile at us! And one guy on a vespa honked at us and we got a lot of people in their cars to smile at us. 
On Sunday we had a ward lunch where everyone brings their own lunch and we all sit and eat together. We had ward council at the time though, so we missed most people, but there were still a couple people when we got there. We had forgotten the pizza we were going to bring, but one ward member gave us a bunch of ravioli. Sorella Burt and I ate that and were pleasantly full when another ward member gave us a scoop of some mayonese, potato salad type thing and two giant scoops of rice salad. I felt like I was going to explode. And then the passed out the dessert. My stomach hurts just remembering all the food we ate. I could hardly make a dent in the rice it was sooo much. Everyone is just so loving and wants to feed us.... It's just really hard on our stomachs... 
Saturday we had a Primary activity that we were asked to help out with some of the games. It started out super awkward because we didn't know how to describe the games... We started out with the  youngest group and they eventually all scattered, so we were put with the oldest group and eventually they all left and went outside to play soccer. We didn't know what to do so after eating some of our sorrows, we just went over to help out with the youngest group. When they saw our group was missing, they went hunting for them while we stayed with the youngest group. Once we were settled and knew what we were doing, everything was pretty smooth from there. And we had so much fun with those little kids! And one point this little girl didn't want to play the game and she looked sad, so I slid up to her really close and said "ciao!" And she just stopped, looked at me, then started stroking my face and then kissed me on the cheek. IT WAS SO PRECIOUS!!! 
We had a scambio with the sorelle in Mestre this week and being in Mestre reminded me how gosh dang beautiful my city of Trieste is. Mestre reminded me of Busto (but nicer.. people laugh whenever I say that because they think Mestre is pretty ugly and ghetto. They haven't seen Busto) But coming back to Trieste I was in awe yet again. I got to do a scambio with a girl from my group which was super fun!!
So we have a new investigator who is amazing. We had our first lesson with her and we taught her the Restoration and she agreed with everything. She really liked the message and said she would read the Book of Mormon. She told us she's going through a really hard time right now and it's hard to ask for help, but she knows she needs it. So we were able to tell her our message can help bring peace and happiness in her life during this time. It's such a beautiful message that we have. That the church that Christ established when He was on the earth is restored to its fullest now. And that God, our literal Heavenly Father who loves each and every one of us, has a plan for us. A plan for us to not only be able to return to Him after this life, but so we can have His love and influence with us throughout this life and have a fulness of joy in this life. What more could we ask? I know that when we are doing to things God has asked us to do, that we truly are happy. He doesn't give us commandments just so He can boss us around. It's for our happiness here and now. We have them  so we know how to live this life to the fullest and happiest as well as so He can bless us and help us. What a blessing! I'm so grateful for this beautiful opportunity to share that message that has gotten me to where I am now. And thank you all for helping me to learn that. Each of you has had an impact in my life and have taught me this beautiful message more fully. I love each and every one of you so much and I'm so grateful for your examples and all you have taught me. Vi voglio un MONDO di bene!!!!

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