Monday, March 2, 2015

Italy, Week 15 (2/11/15), We Survived the Bora

So the "Bora" that I talked about last week was not the Bora. That was like the warning that the Bora was coming. It was so funny, that night we were on the bus and we ran into one of our English class students and he said "that Bora's coming" and we just stopped and looked at each other. But the next day we realized he was right, the Bora really only was coming. The next day was insane! We could hardly walk sometimes, or we would be pushed to walk/run faster in the direction we were already going. At one point later that night, we were in a particularly windy section of Trieste and I almost got pushed in front of a car... We were walking and a HUGE gust of wind came and I tried to resist it, but I ended up getting pushed backward and I realized that I was being pushed right in front of a car coming down the road. Luckily I was able to turn and hide behind the building from the Bora. Sorella Burt was hanging on to the wall for dear  life. IT WAS INSANE. But it's okay. The Bora tried to kill me, but I outsmarted it. It kept Sorella Burt awake all night that night and we had to tie our door to the balcony shut because it seemed like it was going to burst open at any second. We had another "almost pushed into the road by the Bora" incident again on Saturday, but thank goodness there was a railing there. The wind actually picked up my back about to the height of my shoulders, with my scriptures and everything in it! And everytime these things happen, there's always some random guy just chilling near by, either hanging onto the wall, or chilling on a Vespa watching all of it happen. So yeah
Just wanted to let you all know that I'm okay :) Came close, but I did it. I survived the Bora. :)
Anywho, this week we saw two miracles going house to house! It is so hard to get into a house here because usually it's just a set of buttons with names on a building and you just talk to them through these speakers (it's called a citofono) and nothing ever really comes of it. But we found a set of actual houses without citofonos and they instead have to come out to the gate and see us and we can talk to them face to face. One woman we taught a lesson to through her gate and she said we could come back the next Saturday! Last night we came back and did more houses and we met a 13 year old girl (with red hair... Coincidence?) and we taught her a lesson and she said she would be interested to learn more! It's so exciting!! It was amazing! We call them our miracle houses.We also met a man (doing casa) who had taken ALL the lessons from the missionaries 20 years ago and he said that he was ready for baptism, but all of sudden he just went back to the Catholic church. It was crazy! But he said that he might stop  by the church or something. Hopefully! We told the anziani to look for his information in their area books to see if he's in there. It was crazy! Miracle houses for real!
But yeah, we've just worked a lot with the members this week and done  a lot of finding. It was really hard to do finding in the Bora. Bora finding is not effective. 
It was a good week! We're exhausted and we've seen so many ,miracles. We know there's someone out there here in Trieste that needs us to find them. We're still looking! It's been great though. We've learned so much. I've really learned how to turn to the scriptures for comfort and support in times of difficulty and trial and it's been really beautiful. The scriptures truly are a gift from God to help us survive this life.
Thank you everyone for everything! I love you all soooo much! I miss you and pray for you always. Vi voglio tantissimo bene!
Sorella Hawks :)

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