Thursday, March 12, 2015

Italy, Week 19, (3/11/15) - I Place my First Book of Mormon doing Strada!!

For the first time in my mission, I was able to give someone we were teaching on the street a Book of Mormon right then and there. It was so fun!! I just want to do it all the time....We stopped this younger woman and asked what made her happy and she said the Bible! Umm, cool! She was super nice and it turns out she's pregnant (we just teach all the pregnant ladies in Trieste.) She said she's read the JW's bible and didn't like it, so she threw it away. She said she was interested to read the Book of Mormon. She didn't seem super interested to learn about the church in the sense that she wanted to change, but she wanted to learn more just to learn. But hey, that's a step! Hopefully she reads the Book of Mormon and recognizes the Spirit she feels when she reads it and gains more desire! She was so cute!
Soooo confession, I forgot my old planner from last transfer, so I can't really remember what we did from Wednesday night toSunday.... I know we had a little FHE Wednesday night which was really fun. The woman who's house we did it at is super sassy and adorable. She's like 75 and soooo blunt and hilarious and sarcastic. I love her to bits and pieces. And we got to go to another FHE Monday night at her house, so I was happy :) 
Oh my gosh, I just remembered! THIS WEEK WAS CRAZY!!! I can't believe I forgot.... Okay, so we got this referral from a senior couple that had stayed at a hotel in Trieste and the owner of the hotel had a Book of Mormon and everything so they gave us their info. They didn't actually live in the city of Trieste so we had to take the tram all the way up to the tippy top of a tall mountain (it was cold. We were not dressed for the cold) and then we got a little lost, but we finally found our way to this itty bitty "town" called Banne, which isn't really a town because it's literally only one street... I don't know why they call it a town. But whatever. And It took us a longgg time to get there and we were really cold. But we finally got there§! and we met the guy and we asked if he was interested! And he said!! No. So we just turned around and left, super bummed. But we got to take the bus that goes to Slovania home, so that was pretty neat. So that was Saturday night. Then Sunday after lunch we get this random mystery text of a referral so we jumped on that because we love referrals. We're all about that referral life. And we're all about that contacting within 24 hours business. Heck,  we step it up and contact it within 24 minutes. It took a lot longer than that, but we tried. Anyway, so we had to take the bus that we took home that went through Slovania again, Bus 39, so we got to see Slovania...again. That was super cool. Then it took us about 2.5 hours to find the dang house. The numbers in this town we went to made NO sense. They went from 400, to 100, to 200 to 16. It was so. confusing. Luckily we dressed warmer this time. We FINALLY found it (we had to go to a bar and ask the bar tender. He had this fancy little map with all the house numbers on it. The must have lost people come in and ask for directions a lot.) Anywho, and we rang their "doorbell" about 7 times, a guy came out of the house (they had a really big yard, so the house was fairly far from where we actually were), went to his garage, stared at us from the door, then went inside. And never spoke to us or anything. Super weird. So we just figured he was uncomfortable with strangers coming over in the dark around dinner time, so we decided to go back the next day! Fourth trip through Slovania in three days! YEAH! And no one was home. Super bummer because this referral sounded SUPER legit!!! Hopefully she'll call us, we left a cute little note on a cute little pass along card. Because we're cute little Sister missionaries and that's how we do.
Also! Sunday morning we missed the bus to go to church because some strange man was talking to us, so we just hopped on the next one that came that we knew we could take to get home FROM the church, so we figured it should take us TO the church. Not so. We went up up up up up up up up up up very far away from the church. and THEN came down. So we were late. But only by about 10 minutes, which wasn't nearly as bad as we expected!! So we had a lot of adventures this week! But after Monday we decided to slow down on our adventures to little podunk rich towns by Slovania and just do some finding in our own little beautiful city of Trieste :)
But man, while we were out by Slovania on our way to the bus, I looked up and the big dipper was HUGE!!! We could see SOOOO many stars and they were soooooo close!! I felt like I could just reach up and grab them! It was INCREDIBLE!! I've never felt that close to the sky before, we were sooo high up in the mountains. It was the most amazing, beautiful thing I've ever beheld with my own eyes. It's amazing the immensity of God's creations. As I looked into the sky and looked harder and harder I could see more and more stars farther away, it was incredible!! Gosh dangit it was incredible. I really can't put it into words. But it was so beautiful and you just feel so close to God when you're so far up and surrounded by His creations, on earth and far beyond. It was nice to get away from the city and be in nature again. I loved it :) Just remember to look around you at all that God has given you! He loves you! And you can see it in everything around you! Sometimes you just have to stop and take a moment to look ;)
I love you all sooo much. You're the best!!! Vi voglio un saco di bene!!!
Love, Sorella Hawks :)

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