Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Italy, Week 20 (3/18/15) - Nasty Cookies and Delicious Gelato

Hello wonderful people of my life! I love you! So this week was fun, I hit my 6 Month Mark!! Weird. When I woke up Tuesday morning (before the alarm, as usual) I just laid in bed and thought of how weird it is that I've been a missionary for 6 months now. SIX MONTHS!!! That's a whole half of a year!!! Six months ago I was just entering the MTC, having no idea what I was doing, how to speak the language, or really how to be a missionary. And now look at me! It's really not that much different! Hopefully the next 6 months we'll see more improvement... But to be honest I really have seen miraculous changes, for example, I can hold a decent conversation in Italian now! Thank goodness, that'd be super awkward if I couldn't... But these 6 months have really been the most amazing, life-changing months of my life. I'm so excited for this next year. I can't believe I only have a year left! It's going by too fast! There's so much to do!!! GAH! Yeah, all this and more was going through my head at 6 in the morning as I stared at the ceiling. Anywho, enough about that. I'm becoming a nonna, it's fine. 
So we had zone training this week in Pordenone and there's an English military ward and I felt like I was almost in America in that building! THEY HAVE A DRINKING FOUNTAIN!! Beautiful flowing waters of life. Anyway. It was awesome! Our zone leaders are super awesome and we had a blast and learned a TON! After that, when we got home, we went to Piazza Unità and basically just found like bosses, cornering people right and left. It was like a game. We would stand there and find someone that we wanted to talk to and start walking towards them without making it too obvious. So we would kind of saddle up to them, walking faster, then slowing down until we met up with them perfectly and would just stop them and talk to them! It was awesome! We didn't get to pray with them because they were all in a "fretta" (lies, everyone has time to pray.) but we taught them great things and had great conversations with them! It was so fun!
Sunday was awesome! A bunch of less actives came which was sooo cool! After church, one member had a party and invited a bunch of YSA's (gans) and asked us to give a spiritual thought thing after lunch. So we ate a marvelous lunch (the anziani made chilli!!) and then everyone that we wanted there for the thought left... But we still taught like the most active gans there, but it went well! We had two activities to introduce what we wanted to talk about. The anziani did this crazy balancing act thing and then did it with the birthday boy who is very tall would be intimidating if he wasn't so nice. So that was cool. Then we did this thing where the anziani made digusting cookies to show that we need all the ingredients in cookies to make it good (relating the ingredients to us) and they didn't tell us HOW gross they would be... they just told us they weren't good. Oh man. They were disgusting. Che schiffo. Luckily we cleansed our mouths with good ones afterwards. Then we talked about how we're all where we are for a reason and we have a part to play. We have talents that God gave us and he put us where we are to affect others and we're in their lives for a reason. It was really cool! It's cool to think how God sent us where we are for a reason and the people that are in our lives are truly in our lives for a purpose. Are we fulfilling that purpose? It really made me think, especially looking back and realizing there was so much I could have and should have done. Now I know!
We also met the most wonderful woman in the world from South Korea on the street. She has this fabulous purple hat and we had seen her before but never had the opportunity to talk to her. She ended up passing us then turning around and we talked for over an hour!! She's recently Catholic, but almost everything she said was basically what we teach and definitely not what the Catholic church teaches... When we asked if we could pray with her she got so excited and said "OHHHHH YES PLEASE!!!" Oh my gosh it was so precious. I just love her so much!!!!!!!!!
We had three people come to English class last night!! And one woman, when she found out that it was my birthday next Tuesday, was like, "Oh! I will definitely be there! Just for you!" It was so cute!!! 
Also, we're getting iPad minis! Woo! That's why Anziano Bednar is coming. Woot woot!
But yeah, it was a great week! We're doing a lot of finding still, but we're still getting lots of referrals which is awesome! I love Trieste!! It's like spring here! 
I love you all soooo much! You're the BEST!!!!! Vi voglio un MONDO di bene!!!
Sorella Hawks :)

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