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Italy, Week 56 (12/02/15) - Miracles Happen Once In A While

If you belieeeeveeeee :)

I believe.

This week was AMAZING.
We'll start with our Thanksgiving celebration. The tiny chicken was delicious. We made mashed potatoes and gravy and stuffing and green beans. We were by ourselves, but that meant more for us! And it was super fun :)
On Friday we had a zone conference and it was good! I can't say it was the greatest one I've experienced on the mission but it was good! I learned a lot, from President
Dibb as well as the Spirit. We talked a lot about the Church's new initiative with the "A Savior is Born" and Sorella Avila and I instantly put it into practice and started giving out bigliettini like candy. And it was awesome! We even set up an appointment with a woman and her son and husband. 
Which brings us to the miracle part.... Which I'm just going to copy and paste from my email to President :)
We had an incredible miracle this week, and it is an extension to the miracle from last week with the woman Julia and the "A Savior is Born" biglietto. But first, I want to give some background. Before my mission my mom turned to me one day and told me that she had had the impression that there was a family waiting for me and they had dark hair. Later she informed me that she felt impressed that it was through the father, who needed to know the truth of the Restoration, that the family would come into the church. I myself had the feeling that this family was a family of three, a husband, wife, and a younger child.
As I had said last week we had set up an appointment with a woman named Julia and her son named Alessandro for Sunday afternoon. When we got there we began talking to the husband and he was more engaged during the lesson. Very quickly into the lesson, I felt strongly that this was the family that I was looking for. We are so excited for them!
It was like, a The District worthy lesson. It was beautiful. (This is me talking again, not copying and pasting) 
Anywho, so that was one miracle from this week. Oh also we finally got to do an FHE with two of our favorite Italian families here in Cimiano and it was so fun! Of course we got home late because well you never get home on time when you have four Italians in one room for dinner and especially when three of them are from the South.
But it was really fun and the food was delicious :)
On Monday we did a scambio and I was with my wonderful French friend Sorella. Visconti. She is so dang cute and fun and I absolutely love her! And we saw SO many miracles together. One woman we found at night before going home and she started crying a bit and her little girl said "mamma, why are you crying? Don't cry! It's Christmas! " I started talking to the little girl and she told me that her mom cries all the time and is really sad. We were able to pray with her and she said she was going to come to church! The next day we talked to a woman from Nigeria and showed her the new Christmas video and she also said she was coming to church. As we were walking away we heard her turn to her friend and say "I'm going to call them!" It was so fun!
Guys, I just love the mission. I love the feeling of bringing joy and hope to people's lives, even just through a simple video, or a short prayer. I love seeing the difference between when we first start talking to them to after we pray with them and they're so much happier. This is the most wonderful time of year. I wish it could always be Christmas. People are happier and there's just such a beautiful feeling every where you go. Make the best of this time! Make December the month of love, joy and sharing, and keep it going! Don't let the feelings of Christmas die once all the presents are open! Keep it going until next Christmas! I just love Christmas and having a companion who loves it too! CHRISTMAS!!!!! 
Kay basta. I love you all :) have a wonderful week :)
Vi voglio bene!

Sorella Hawks :)
 Thanksgiving Dinner in Italy

Thanksgiving Zone Conference
Sister Hawks and Sister Visconti

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