Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Italy, Week 59 (12/23/15) - Christmas is Approaching...

So slowly! Just kidding, this time of the year is the BEST time of the year, so nothing is too slow :)
Well my dears (that doesn't work as well in English...), I'm alive! I was overreacting about biking last week, I just felt like I had never ridden a bike before so I was freaking out. But it's okay now!  Guys, Verona is beautiful. And the people are wonderful. I love it here
Thursday we had our Christmas conference and it was so fun! At the end we built "ginger bread" houses, but seeing as there is no ginger bread here, we had to get creative... So we just used Italian cookies and clementines to make houses. Some people got super creative, like one coppia made a nativity set, one made a home setting  "because we want to teach families", and then we made a prison. Aka ours was awful. But it was fun!
Story time: one night we had some time so we went out to go do some finding. As we were walking all of a sudden we hear TONS of honking and these cop motorcycles go by and following behind were at least a THOUSAND Santas on motorcycles. They just kept coming! It was awesome!   I'll try to send a video in another email. It was sooo funny!
else happened this week... Just talking to people, teaching them the blessed word of God, helping people smile. I love it when you leave people smiling, it is such a fulfilling feeling. One woman was just sitting on the bench and when I walked by she just seemed kind of down. Not super sad, but just a little lonely. I didn't have much time because I had to catch up to my comp, but I just stopped and gave her a card that had the address for the Christmas video this year and at the end she had a genuine smile on her face. Not a pity smile or polite smile, but a smile that comes when you feel a tinge of God's love for you.
I just want to help everyone feel that love! And more than a tinge of it! It's so abundant! It's so full! It's so beautiful!
This email is super short, but I want you all to know that you are doing a good thing. God is smiling upon you and he loves you. As I write this I promise I am thinking about each one of you individually.  And I mean it for each one of you personally. Seek the love God has for you, accept it, and give it back. What gifts can we give to God this year? What does He need from us in this moment?
I love all of you so much! And I wish you the MERRIEST of Christmases!
Vi voglio bene! Buon Natale!
Con tanto affetto,
Sorella Hawks :)

 The Verona zone!

We ride over this bridge almost every day to get to church. 

There's a giant star shooting out of the colosseum!

Up in the hills :)

It was super foggy so the pictures aren't that great... But it was gorgeous nonetheless!

Buone feste! 

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