Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Italy, Week 57 (12/09/15) - Cimiano

Well, beloved friends and family, I'm going to tell a story
Once upon a time There was a Sister missionary serving in a magical land. One day she soared into a strange land, far, far away from whence she had come. This land was hot as Hades. So hot, in fact, that the  pavement moved while you were walking on it. So hot that at night, because there was no air conditioning, she would shower in cold water in all her clothes and try to sleep with the fan blowing hot air onto her. Time passed, miracles were wrought, and people were brought to know the truth. Changes happened and the air turn chill. Leaves changed and Fall was upon them.  The environment and atmosphere changed, but her love grew deeper still for this land of business and funny smells.  More changes happened and the air became colder but her heart became all the warmer. Her heart, just like the Grinch, grew and grew and grew, fitting in more and more people. And as her heart grew, so did she. This land became home, these people her family. But she knew that a change was coming, but not like the changes in the past. A big change was coming. And so she waited, working hard with her brava companion, talking to strangers and trying the spread Christmas joy.  And then the fatal day came. A distant call from another land sounded,  "We need you!" It called. And so it was. This missionary had to pack her things and perform one of the hardest works: saying goodbye.   But as she said goodbye, it wasn't so hard, because it was a temporary good bye. A "see you later". She had made friends, and as she has learned, nothing is temporary. All things are spiritual and eternal.  And although we may not have the opportunity to be with every person we care about in this life, we can be comforted to know that that is not the end. It is just the beginning. And the day when we can see our loved ones again, in Heaven with our Heavenly Father, is a glorious day, a day to which I look forward.  This story is true.
I have been called to leave my beautiful mixed family of Italians, South Americans, and Filippini here In Cimiano Milano to go serve in the land of the silliest story in the world.   Romeo and Juliet.
There you have it folks. IM GOING TO VERONA!!! I'm pretty excited :)  it's weird to think that this is probably my last city though... I'm killing my companion this transfer and then I die, which means I'm probably staying for my last two transfers. Speriamo. My new companion is Sorella Griffin, which is super fun because I was her STL for about three transfers and now we're serving as STLs together! It will be great
: the miracle family. We saw the, again and extended a baptismal date. They declined, saying they weren't ready, but they wanted to continue learning and following the lessons. At the end it was clear that they knew it was true, they just need time :) and they came to our FHE last night and loved it!!! I love them so much and will miss them so much!
The miracle couple. A sister that I was doing a scambio with and I found this couple on Halloween, I'm not sure if it rings a bell.  Either way, they're atheist, but have a daughter living with an LDS family in Utah, so they're curious  about the church. We were able to see them again! And we were able to give them a Book of Mormon! And they were super excited to read it :) 
investigator with a bap date is doing this thing again where she won't answer us. It's fine. She'll come around, it's like a little roller coaster with her.
Last night they threw a huge party for FHE to say goodbye to us three missionaries leaving. It was amazing! Our New Zealand Anziano did another Haka to salute us, then I played the duet with the professional violinist. They also had made a slideshow for us and it was the sweetest thing In the world. It's funny, you never really see the impact you have on the areas your in until the end most of the time. I don't want to leave.  THEN they gave me TWO pairs of boots!! TWO PAIRS OF BOOTS.  I cried a little, it was so tender. Gosh dang it, this ward is amazing.  And that's that. I leave tonight for Verona and then I'm officially
out of the Fashion Capitol of the World and in the City of Romeo and Juliet. I love Italy :)
I love you all and I hope you have a wonderful week :) take care and eat yummy food :) it's the most wonderful time of the year!
Vi voglio bene,
Sorella Hawks :)

The Repoyo girls!!

Lunch with Bolivians (and an El Salvedorian)

So dericious!

Introducing: La Famiglia Jaramillo! The miracle family! The boy on the very end is the son of our WML

More photos to come :)

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