Friday, November 27, 2015

Italy, Week 55 (11/25/15) - Tiny Thanksgiving Turkeys

Hello! Happy Thanksgiving! I'm grateful for YOU. :) 
Sorry last week's email was super lame, I ran out of time so I didn't really get to write anything.  Things are going well here in the wonderful place of 
Cimiano. We're seeing miracles right and left! Last night we went to a less active family's house to do an FHE but the mom wasn't home yet so we looked at baby pictures with the daughters and one of the girls' boyfriend came over. When the mom came home she straight up told the boyfriend that he should become a member because youth that were member were better off and were smarter. It was really funny. But we got to teach him the plan of salvation and we invited him to pray about it to know if it's true and he was all for it and actually seemed pretty excited! At the end he told us that maybe the reason he met his girlfriend was so he could meet us and know the Church. How cool is that?! So we're super stoked for that. :)  On Thursday we did a scambio and I got to be with a brand new missionary in her first week in the field! It was AWESOME. I loved her energy and excitement. She was SO funny and so fun. She's from Spain and her name is Sorella Tolosa. I wish I had a picture with her, but we forget to take some... Oops! 
So there's this member in out ward who is a professional violinist.  He plays in orchestras in the Scala and everything. A few months ago when I was playing for the choir he said he wanted to do a musical number for real some time (because we did a surprise one during sacrament meeting once) but we just never got around to it. But, seeing as I might be going in a few weeks, we finally picked a song to do. We got to practice it on Sunday and while I was playing the piano, I had the most wonderful thought; " I am playing a duet with a professional violinist. In Italy." And then my heart was full and my joy was great. 
We showed Meet the Mormons in Italian in church a few nights ago and it was awesome! A bunch of people came and brought their friends! It was so fun! One member had just gotten back from her mission in Salt Lake City a few days before and she spoke and I cried. I had a moment of realization that that's going to be me one day and I freaked out a bit, but it's fine. Meet the Mormons is a great movie and you all should watch it :)
I just finished reading the chapters in the Book of Mormon about Alma’s and Ammon's missions and man, you learn a lot about how to be an example of Christ and how to do missionary work. They were so reliant on the Lord and loved everything they were doing.  The other night, during the 
scambio, we talked about missionary work with this one family. The husband and wife had both served missions and we talked about the talk from a few Conferences ago, "Is it Still Wonderful to You?" And how doing missionary work is a way to increase our joy and love of the Gospel. What better way to increase your testimony than by sharing it with someone else? You learn so much more and grow so much when you're sharing what you do know with those around you. Don't be shy!
I know in America it's awkward and can be considered rude to talk about religion. That's silly in my opinion. But we start with our example and being open about who we are and why we do what we do, and then we invite! People won't act or progress if we don't invite them! Member missionary work is the most effective missionary work I've seen. Don't do it to help out the missionaries. Do it to help out those you love.  Even if you don't know them that well. "Heaven isn't heaven if we don't have our friend and family there with us.“
Oh! Also the young women did a sacrament meeting on Sunday and it was so good! So many of them talked about how they were grateful for all the missionaries and how they wanted to go on missions, it was so cool!
I love you all so much, thank you for everything! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and know that I truly am grateful for each and every one of you and the  influence that you have had on my life. 

Vi voglio bene!
tanto affetto,Sorella Hawks :)

 Dramatic Glamour shot

We bought a tiny chicken to celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow :)
Thug life Milano

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