Sunday, November 1, 2015

Italy, Week 51 (10/28/15) - An Abundance of Bidonis

Bidoni means "stood up" it's technically Italian, but us as missionaries like to take Italian words and American-ize them and use them incorrectly. But yeah, basically we had a lot of people cancel on us, so that was cool. But it was a great week nonetheless :) 
, it honestly wasn't super eventful.... We talked to a lot of really cool people. Had a. Ton of appointments set and about 7 out of 11 either canceled or just decided not to show up or answer their phone. So that was cool. It's not like we wanted to talk to them anyway.  J
Sunday we had stake conference, but it started at three so we had some good time to do some stuff before that. We had a lesson and went all the way down on the metro, to call and have them cancel on us because they were sick. So we turned right back around and went to the church to pass by a referral we had received. When we got there, their
neighbor showed us where they lived, but the whole way up the stairs kept looking back at us over his shoulder like we were going to steal his wallet out of his back pocket or something. He pointed us to their door and slowly, ever so slowly, walked into his house, staring at us the whole time as he painfully slowly closed the door. I'm confident he probably just watched us through his peep hole and listened as we got straight up rejected to the face through a two-inch thick door.  The woman we were trying to talk to was very much not interested and even locked the door as we tried explaining that they had met missionaries before and told THEM they were interested. So we just went to the church and tried to recover from that by eating mac and cheese and watching President Monson's talk from conference. Then we went to stake conference and because I had to play the piano for the choir, I had people right and left asking me to play prelude, for the primary, postlude, and all the in betweens. Sometimes I wonder if I
should pretend that I don't even know what a piano looks like. But then I remember that that would not be a good thingAnywho.
And our investigator who we've been trying to get to church for FOREVER came!! And turns out she already knows like everyone! Sweet!  That night we learned how to make EMPANADAS. Yes. Empanadas. Sometimes I feel like I'm in South America as I've been serving in this ward and I love it. I just need to learn Spanish
A few days ago we got a call from the missionaries in another city in the mission saying that one of the Anziani, who is Italian and is going to America for his mission but is serving here until he gets his visa, has a friend in Milan and wanted to teach her. But because from that point on we would teach her, all four of us taught her and it was super awesome! She's really philosophical so she asked a lot of cool, deep questions. Which I loved. I'm super stoked to teach her.
And now I'm here, with the wonderful Muggio Sorelle. My companion is going to go see an opera with the Sorelle from Lampugnano, but since I had already seen one, I couldn't go again. So last night I called the marvelous Muggio Sorelle and now we're in a trio for the day! I love these Sorelle. It's my adorable Italian friend Sorelle D'Aleo and Sorelle Taylor who I recently did a scambio with. They're so much fun!  I've had a blast today :)
now I'm sitting in a library and I feel like I'm back at college a little bit and it's a little bit weird... Sometimes I miss being in school, but now I'm scared to go back.  ANYWAY. This email was kind of lame and boring. But it was a good week:) I'm happy :)
I'm learning a lot about going back to the basics this transfer. I needed to go back to the fundamental things; of the Gospel, of who I am and who I want to become, and missionary work. Sometimes it's good to just take a moment to calm down from trying to learn something new and new and new and go back to the basics. Refine the old things.  Figure out again why you do them, why it's that way. If you want to  improve yourself, take a moment to stop finding new things to work on and go back to those things that you were working on in high school or something. Had you really improved it or just tucked it away? Perfect those things, and them move forward again. It's been really interesting. I didn't realize how hard it is the refine those basic things that I had thought I had checked off my list.
I love you all so much and thank you for putting up with me all those years when I was an angsty, angry, negative, bum teenager. Thank you for all you've taught me and teach me and for being an example for who I'm trying to become. You are the best! Vi voglio un mondo di bene!!
Con affetto,
La Sorella Hawks :)

I didn't attach this picture last week, but it's all the Sorelle in the mission! Scary, huh? :)

Really disturbing dark Catholic cathedral that we checked out today. We didn't stay long, it gave us the heebie jeebies.

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