Monday, January 19, 2015

Italy, Week 10 - Happy New Year and Happy New Shoes!

I did it. I bought my first pair of proprio Italian shoes. And they're beautiful.  Okay, anywho. New Year was super fun! We went to Como and went up this thing that takes you up to the top of a mountain and you can see pretty much all of Northern Italy. Sadly, it was a little cloudy/hazy that day, so we saw Como and some hills in the distance. But it was still super pretty! And super fun. Then for New Year, our mission president said he didn't care what we did that night, as long as we were in our house after 5, so we ended up staying up until 12 (we weren't planning on it though, it just kind of happened...) and we went out onto our balcony and watched some fireworks in the distance. It sounded like a warzone though. We couldn't see most of the fireworks that we heard but it was ca-razy.  It was super cool though! We also bought a family sized pizza earlier that evening and ate it in our gypsy pants (pictures will explain all.). It was a super fun New Year! I hope all ya'll's went super great!!
Then we ended up going to Milano 5 days in a row... Friday Sorella Yost had Consiglio, so we went to Milano for that and I got to do another scambio (Split) with Sorella Snow! Woot!! And this time we got to do a trio scambio, so we had another sorella (Sister) with us and she's from the Phillippines and she just arrived in the field. She was super sweet! We had a lot of fun together. She had gotten hit by a car while she was on her bike the day before though, so we stayed in and worked on the area book and all that good stuff. This is why Sorella Yost and I don't bike in Busto. We would be hit by a car in a hot second. 
Saturday our Anziani had a baptism with one of the African men that they teach, so we went to Milano for that because our building doesn't have a font (not even a blow-up font...) It was so cool! It was super spiritual and just super amazing. It made me all the more excited for our investigator's baptism that's coming up! Then Sunday we went there after church for another baptism, then Monday we had zone training there, and then we did scambio and we had to re-scambio Tuesday morning in Milano again. Lots and lots of travelling... And then we went to Como again today... GAH!
Anywho, zone training was super cool! One sorella in our zone bore her dying testimony which was really sad, but she said a lot of cool things. My favorite thing she said was that she once heard the mission compared to a field of roses. Before you go you just see all the beautiful roses, and you just run in, but then you stop and realize your legs hurt and they're bleeding from the thorns. But you just push through and it's hard but when you get to the end, you look back and all you see are the roses. And I like to think that even when we're in the thorns, when we look down, we still only see the roses. It's hard but it's so worth it and it's so beautiful.
Then I went up to Lugano again for scambio and it was really fun! We did a family home evening which went really well. And I got to get to know this sorella better. She was so sweet and so cute! It was a really good scambio :) And Lugano is still as beautiful as ever, don't you worry.
Yesterday we got gelato. It was amazing.
Today we went to Como to get a tie and then shop at Tiger which is like the Dollar section of Target basically and it's amazing and you find the most random things every and they've figured out how to make anything mustache themed: tape, white-out, clothes pins, clips, you name it. It's great. And then I bought my wonderful shoes.
Okay, now I must gush about our wonderful investigator with a bap date. So we hadn't seen him for over a week since he was in France for vacation. But we finally saw him again at church (he made sure that his family got home Saturday night so he could go to church on Sunday. I know.) And we taught him his last lesson that night! He's seems really excited about the priesthood and whenever we talk about missionary work he gets very quiet and thoughtful. I'm stoked. Then he had his interview Monday night while I was away, but Sorella Yost told me alllll about it. IT WENT PERFECTLY! HE'S GETTING BAPTIZED!!! Our district leader said he's super bravo and he did perfectly and he has no worries or concerns for him. He knows he's going to be a strong, super solid member. And after his interview, our simp kept talking about his baptism and how excited he was! GAHHH!!! I'm so excited, I can't even express myself. 
anywho, things are going great. I'm getting worried about transfers. I had a dream that I was staying but I was becoming the Senior companion and that Sorella Yost was leaving and training somewhere else. I'm sure I will be having plenty more transfer dreams over the next week. I'm getting super nervous, but I know I'll go where I need to go and where I'm needed. 
The mission is fabulous, it's the greatest thing in my life and I'm so glad I'm here doing this. 
Thank you all so much for all of your support. Shout out to my AMAZING ward Poughkeepsie First!!!!!!!! Thank you for your wonderful cards and your words of encouragement and love, it meant so much for me! When I got my mom's package with all of the letters, I almost cried! Thank you so much!! And thank you to the PK1 Youth for your package!! The Ressee's and Gold fish or WONDERFUL. And I love all of your letters!! Thank you thank you thank you! YOU'RE THE BEST!!! 
I love you all sooooo much! Thank you for EVERYTHING!!! Vi voglio un MONDO di bene!!!
Sorella Hawks :)

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