Monday, January 19, 2015

Italy, Week 11 - GIOVANNI GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!

Giovanni did it! The big reveal! Our investigator who had the baptism did it! Giovanni is 17 and he was baptized on January 10th and Confirmed on January 11th. And everything went beautifully :) It was crazy stressful at the beginning, making sure that the font would fill up in time and that it would be warm and then finding translators and everything. But once it started, everything went very smoothly :) Giovanni's family came and they were all dressed up really nice and they were so supportive of him. Two of the anziani's investigators also got baptized that day, so three baptisms in one day! How cool?! It was awesome. And after he was baptized, Giovanni bore his testimony and it was soooo cool and so beautiful. He talked about how grateful he was for this new start and how excited he was to start this new life. He also thanked us for what we did. I almost cried, it was so sweet! And his blessing the next morning when he was confirmed was super cool. It talked about how he was going to do great things and other things along those lines. I'm telling you, this kid is going places. He was so prepared when we met him, he's going to do great things. 
So that all happened Saturday and Sunday and the rest of the week went really well! Friday I had the most amazing lasagna in the world. We have the best Ward Mission Leader in the world. The Busto Arsizio ward is one of the most amazing wards ever. Things are great :) Monday we did scambio and I went up to Varese. Varese is soooo pretty! And we saw a ton of miracles! So, to start off, we accidentally went on the wrong bus trying to get to an appointment, which was weird because we don't understand how it was the wrong bus, but whatever. Anyway. We got to talk to the busdriver and he was super cool and nice and really helpful. We ended up going all the way up to the boarder of Lugano, Switzerland.... But it was the most gorgeous drive in the world. Anywho, so we got off in Luino to switch to the right bus and we met this woman who had met the sister missionaries six months ago! She said they came and taught her twice and she had a Book of Mormon and she was reading it! So we got on the wrong bus so we could meet this woman :) We gave her a pass along card and told her to give us a call. Hopefully she does! Then we had FHE with the cutest family ever and the mom made these AMAZING pizza bites things. They were these little balls of fried goodness with cheese and prosciutto. I died. Anyway. Then later that night, we decided to pray and look through Potential sheets and read through the names until we got to a name that we felt like we should call. After a few failed attempts we talked about how we should go about it, picked a name and she picked up! she told us she was too busy now but to call her in two weeks! I hope it goes well! Then on the way back to Busto to re-scambio, we met this girl from Jerusalem who speaks English and we talked to her for a bit and she actually asked for our number! It was an awesome scambio!!
Last night we went to our Bishop's house for dinner and on the way there,the wife told us that she was having a surprise birthday party for him after dinner. So at 8:30 all of their family showed up and it was sooo fun! I absolutely LOVE this ward. And they seem to really like us! 
While we were on scambio we taught this lesson to a girl that they've been teaching for a couple weeks in Varese. She has a lot of interesting views and tough questions, I was warned. And it's true. We taught the Plan of Salvation and she asked a very interesting question that I had never heard before. It was really hard trying to answer it at first, but after a little while, I just started saying something. I honestly don't remember what I said, but it was just what she needed to hear. That really strengthened my testimony of always being prepared. Thank goodness I studied that lesson earlier that morning. Because the Spirit reminded me of something I had read earlier that morning and from there carried me to say what she needed to hear and it answered her question perfectly. It was sooo cool. It just goes to show that the Lord truly does give you what you need to say when you need to say it, we just need to always be prepared. Even if that's not what you prepared. If you do your part, the Lord will do His.
It was such a great week! Thank you everyone for everything you do! I love you all sooo much!!! Vi voglio TANTISSIMO bene!!!!
Sorella Hawks :)

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