Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Italy, Week 9 - Chestnuts Roasting in an Open Centro

Hello! Happy New Year!!!! I hope everyone had a FABULOUS Christmas!! This Christmas was sooooo much fun! So first of all, Christmas Eve was super fun! We went to a member's house for lunch and it was yummy yummy! Then we visited a couple people and everyone is just so happy during the Christmas season so it was just so great :) That night Sorella Yost and I slept under the "Christmas tree" and in the morning we had pancakes and green smoothies and Starbucks hot chocolate and it was sooo great. And then we opened our little presents :) We got gypsie pants! WOO! Then we passed by a woman we teach while she was at work (she's a bedante, which is basically a nanny for old people) and the woman she works for is sooooo cute and sooo sweet! She asked us to come back for New Year!! Then we stopped at a part-member family's house for lunch and it was sooo good. They're from El Salvador and it was super simple and super delicious. Then we brought more cookies to another family and sang to them and then we went to member's home for dinner and I got to Skype my wonderful family and it was sooo fabulous. Best 40 minutes ever.  The next day we had lunch with another member family and I ate raw salmon on bread (by choice!) and duck innards. Mmmm...... They really didn't taste like anything but yeah... They wouldn't tell us what it was until after we had eaten it. Then we taught our progressing investigator and gave him a fake practice interview and he did sooo well! He already knows who he wants to baptize him and give talks and such. GAH! HE'S SO BRAVO! Anywho. Then we went to a part-member family's house for dinner and it was sooo yummy! And this family is soo awesome. It's a husband, wife and 15 year old daughter and only the husband is a member. They're all soo sweet and the husband has such a great testimony. We're hoping to get the daughter to come to some youth activities and make some friends with the youth in the ward, we think they'd get along super well!
The week then went on pretty much normally. We got through a lot of meal appointments and they were all super yummy and I got super chubby. (still am. It's fine.) 
Sunday we had lunch at a member's and for the spiritual thought we were going to do 2 Nephi 25:26 and talk about how although Christmas is over, the true Spirit and meaning of Christmas (The gift of Christ) is still here throughout the year. And Sorella Yost had me start it, but I wasn't sure how to. So I paused, trying to figure out the words, and said "Allora........ Natale....non è qua... più. .......é vero?" (Okay.... Christmas is not here any more. It's true?) A few seconds of silence... and then EVERYONE BURST INTO LAUGHTER. It was really embarrassing. But we're super tight with this family so it's fine. Then they gave us this thing of hazelnut chocolate spread that's better than Nutella. I said it. That means it's for real. Apparently Nutella is only 25% hazelnut while this stuff is 45% hazelnut. So yeah. It's real good. And it was super nice of them to give it to us!!
Anywho, the rest of the week has been pretty normal. OH! IT SNOWED!!!! OUR FIRST SNOWFALL OF OUR BELOVED BUSTO!!!! It only snowed for a few hours and it didn't really stick, but STILL!!! It was soo exciting. :) Hopefully it snows more :) Everything's been going super well! We have to be in by 5 tonight because it's too dangerous to be out and about on New Year's Eve here in Italy, so I get to catch up on my journaling! WOOO!!! Finally. Oh, and we got roasted chestnuts! Sorry, I just saw the title and was like "oh yeahhhh. I should probably explain that." So yeah. We got roasted chestnuts in centro. It was cool. They're kinda weird. But we did it! And now we can say we've had roasted chestnuts, That's all that matters :) So yeah!
We went to Como today! I'll probably send pictures next week because I have a lot this week... But yeah, It's been super crazy and hectic but soooo fun. It'll be kinda weird getting back into the swing of things now that the holiday hurrah is coming to an end. But it'll be nice, people will hopefully be a bit more free! 
Anywho, thank you all for your prayers and support! I love you all so much! You're in my prayers and I think of ya'll always! Have the happiest of New Years! Remember who you are and Who you stand for!! I love you!!!
Love, Sorella Hawks :)

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