Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Italy, Week 6 - Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory

Okay, so last Wednesday we went to Como which is BEAUTIFUL. But, it was really foggy and rainy, so we couldn't see the alps.Monday-Tuesday I got to go to Lugano (Switzerland) for a Scambio and it was GORGEOUS. HOLY COW. I can't even. But yeah, it was gorgeous. I told Sorella Yost that we're going back. A lot. Pictures will most definitely be attached.Okay, let's see, first things first, WE SET A BAPTISMAL DATE WITH ONE OF OUR INVESTIGATORS!! He's sooo awesome and we're so excited for him. We also gave a Book of Mormon to another one of our investigators and she seemed really excited and I'm confident she'll start reading it. We have the greatest investigators.
So let's go through the week now that I let that out. Last Wednesday in Como we mainly just did some shopping, which was really fun! We went to this store called Tiger which is like a classy "The Christmas Tree Shop" (is that what it's called?) and I got a mustache pillow. Like, one of those squishy little ones. It's fantastic.
I made Chicken noodle soup the other day and it was fabulous. Like, it didn't taste super amazing, but it was so nice to have home made chicken noodle soup to warm the belly and the soul. I was really excited when I made it. My companion just stepped back and let me have my moment. She's so great. 
Saturday night we were fed half a pizza and a fourth of a cake each... That was something else... We were really full. It was a good thing we had a 15 minute walk to the train station after... 
Saturday afternoon a ward member from Sicily fed us and it was AMAZING. I don't enough know exactly what it was, but it was soooo good. We were really full after that too.... When we get fed here, we get fed a lot. Like, a lot. It's pretty fabulous. 
Monday we had a Zone Training which was so fun! Since it's Christmas time we sang Christmas carols at the end and it was so great! It got me sooo excited for Christmas. It feels like it's forever away. But I'm so excited, this is the best time to do the work, people are so much more open to talking about Christ and sharing their feelings. After the meeting Sorella Yost and I split to do a Scambio and I went up to Lugano and she stayed here in the great city of Busto. My temporary companion for the scambio was from Sicily, so I got to speak only Italian for 24 hours, which was really hard, but it was so cool! It shows me how much I know and how much I need to study.... But she was really patient and sooo sweet! I love her so much! We had such a great time! And I couldn't get over how pretty Lugano is. I still can't. Gosh. So pretty.
Then we switched back, Sorella Yost and I got Burger King (I'm sorry! I know I'm in Italy and should stay away from anything American, but it was close, we were hungry and it was fast! Please forgive me.) Then we ran home, ran to the Questura, I got my permesso for a whole year! Woot woot! Then we ran to the church, taught a lesson, taught English, then had our first ward council since we've been here which means it was my first ward council ever! It was really cool, but really hard to understand everything.... My head was hurting by the end, especially since I had just come back from speaking only in Italian for 24 hours. Language headaches--they're a real thing.
Anywho, today we just stayed in Busto and did some shopping which was fun! Gosh, I love Busto. I love our ward, everyone we teach and see. I'm so lucky! 
Anywho, sorry, it was a really fun week, but not too many crazy/funny stories this week. But gosh, I am so lucky to be a full-time missionary for the Lord. The blessings just flow in from all sides. I couldn't ask for a better way to be spending these 18 months of my life right now. 
I love you all so much! Oh! Also, since I love you all so much, you should watch the video on this site: IT IS SO GOOD!!!!! It gets you in the Christmas spirit so well by reminding us the true meaning of Christmas. It reminds us of the love our Father in Heaven has for us. that love was so great that he was willing to send down His Beloved Son for us, so that we might return to live with Him, if we just do the things He asks of us. I invite you all to share this video with someone you love and who needs a little extra Spirit of Christmas in their lives right now. It's so beautiful.
But yes, thank you so much for everything you all do for me, thank you for your love and support! I love you all so much! Vi voglio tantissimo bene!!!!!
Sorella Hawks :)

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