Saturday, December 6, 2014

Italy, Week 5 - Miracles Abounding

We had such an amazing week this week and the greatest miracle that we've seen while we've been here!So first of all, yes, we went to Ravenna last Wednesday and it was cray. But it was AMAZING. Ravenna is soooooo gorgeous, it's actually just like what you picture when you imagine Italy. I got to see a couple world famous mosaics which was amazing! I also rode a bike past Dante's tomb! I didn't get a picture because we were in a hurry, but hopefully someday I'll be able to go back! I also got a Piadina there which is soooooo good. And the best gelato I've had while I've been here. And I've had some pretty dang good gelato. It was so awesome! Plus, I got to meet my Mission Sister (the other Greenie my trainer trained before me) It was so fun!
Thursday we went to a Funeral. I think I mentioned this last week how we were asked to sing at a viewing on Tuesday but we couldn't make it, so we were asked instead to sing at the funeral on Thursday. We went to the funeral, but it was a Catholic funeral, so we never had the chance to sing. It was such an interesting experience. It was really sad since they don't know the plan God has for each of us and the priest kept saying that we don't know where she'll go or what's going to happen. At the end her son was crying "Momma Momma" as he carried her casket out. It was so heartbreaking. It made me want to just tell them about the Plan of Salvation right then and there. It breaks my heart to know that people don't have the hope that we have for those who pass away. I'm so grateful for the knowledge that God has a plan for each of us and we know that we can live with Him again and live with our families for eternity. It brings so much happiness in my life. It was a good reminder of why I'm really out here; To bring that hope and help families come together to be able to be together for eternity.
That night to celebrate Thanksgiving we got hot chocolate! Hot chocolate in Italy is not like American hot chocolate though... But it was still really good!
Friday we had a lunch appointment with a family in our ward and we got on the train to go to their city, but it passed right by it and went straight to Milano.... So the one week we didn't have to go to Milano for a meeting or something, we ended up there anyway. I don't think there's been a single week that we didn't end up in Milano at one point or another since we've been in Busto... I think it might be a sign... But we finally made it there and she had made fresh pesto pasta. oh. My. Gosh. I love pesto so much. It was sooooo good. So good. And she made Tiramisu (obviously no alcohol or coffee, no worries) and it was sooooo good too! So many yummy things.
Saturday we were invited to a member family's house for lunch that morning and when we got there it was a birthday party for the dad! It was so fun! We got to meet his two sisters and we had a really fun time. We also got to plan with our new WML and he is so cool! We have so many exciting plans coming up for the next two months! I'm so excited!! GAH!
Sunday: MIRACLE DAY! A young man (Danielle's Dad - I'm calling him Michael for privacy) who we've been teaching came to church AGAIN! And this time he got all dressed up in a white sweater vest and everything! He said he tried to get his sister to come, but it was her birthday, so we asked if we could bring over some brownies and wish her a happy birthday later that night. First of all, we weren't sure if we had enough ingredients, so when we were making the brownies, we used a little bit of cocoa powder, and the leftover hot chocolate from Thursday and Italian hot chocolate mix which is more like pudding.... Let's just say the brownies came out very unique... They weren't bad, but they were more like solid pudding bars.... It was really weird. But Michael's family liked them! Which is all that matters. But yes, I spoiled it, WE MET THIS AWESOME YOUNG MAN'S FAMILY! They all came and joined us and we got to know them and taught them and it was amazing! The parents don't seem super interested for themselves, but they're really interested for their kids! They even told their daughter that she should come to church and she said she would!!!!!!! Oh my gosh, this family is soooo stellar. I'm so excited. 
I had my first Kinder Egg Surprise on Monday which was exciting! I got a dolphin that squirts water. I like it but my comp doesn't...
Last night Giovanni came to the young Men's activity! HE'S SO BRAVO. 
But yeah, we had a busy week, but nothing too crazy. Sorry if this was long or kind of boring... I'll try to have more exciting stuff for next week! But I have a ton of pictures for this week!!! :D 
I love you all, thank you for everything! You're all the best!!!! I hope all is well and everyone is healthy and happy. Remember that families can be together forever and we can be eternally happy with our Father in Heaven after this life! But we don't need to wait until then to find that happiness. God loves us! He wants the best for us and He gives us so much to find that happiness! We just have to look for it. 
Have a great week! Vi voglio un MONDO di bene!!! 
Sorella Hawks :)

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