Thursday, November 27, 2014

Italy, Week 4: Eating Peanut Butter with our Fingers

Okay, weird subject, but I feel like it'll get really boring if I just state which week it is or something. So this actually happened. It was fake peanut butter and we were waiting for the bus STARVING, so we just started eating it with our fingers because that's what they're for, right? Anywho, enough about being gross. THIS WEEK WAS AMAZING.Okay, so first of all, we saw soo many miracles from 21 Lessons week between the four of us missionaries in Busto! FIVE investigators came to church on Sunday!!! WHAAAAAT?! I know. Cray. Okay, so we only had two and one of them was a kid we met last week!! He's the one that asked if we live with Jesus. He's super golden! So he's 17 years old, (Danielle's Dad's note: I'll use an alias for his name, since I am posting Danielle's emails on her blog and on Facebook, so let's call him Michael), and he's just super prepared. His family has been to Salt Lake before and he said he's starting to remember a lot of what they learned while they were there. Sorry, I'm getting a little ahead of myself, I'm just really excited.
Okay, so we go to church on Sunday (of course) and we're sitting in Relief Society when the second counselor of the bishopric pops his head in and says "sisters! There's a Michael out here looking for you!" I didn't believe it at first. I was like THE Michael?! No way. But we walk out and lo and behold, it's him! We had given him a bigliettini the week before with the address of the church and told him he was welcome to come. We were going to send him a text to remind him, but we just never got around to it. But apparently we didn't need to! He rode his bike 15 minutes in the cold! He was shivering when he walked in! But he stayed for all 3 hours!! And he was answering questions and making comments during Young Men's and Sunday School. How cool is this kid?! We taught him a lesson about the Restoration last night and invited him to pray about it and continue reading the Book of Mormon. He had already read through the intro and some of 1 Nephi between Sunday and Tuesday night! He is so elect.
We're teaching a Romanian woman,(Dad has inserted an alias here  - we'll call her Magda) now and we gave her a Book of Mormon and she seems super interested! Shout out to my Romanian missionary homies from the MTC!! Woot woot
Anywho, Oh, fun fact. The Anziani in Busto told us that a family had once told them that the actually story that the movie the Best Two Years is based off of happened in our mission and in fact happened in Busto! What?! I didn't even know it was based off of an actual story... Who knew? But yeah, how cool is that if it's actually true?! BUUUSTOOOOOOO.
So Sorella Yost and I bought Christmas lights this week and built a super ghetto Christmas tree out of a ladder, a blanket, and padded envelopes. We're not done with it yet. Pictures to come next week. It's fabulous.
(Sorry this email is all over the place.)
I got to do another Scambio with Sorella Snow this week! We were able to find our way around without getting lost AND we even took a bus. Two buses in fact. And we're greenies. What what?!
We had a zone conference where Anziano Fingerle of the Seventy came and spoke to us! It was amazing!! He talked about improving 1% every day. I really liked that. And it doesn't just apply to missionaries! We can't be perfect at everything now, but if we just improve 1% everyday and everything, we improve so much faster! And that way we can focus on the little things that we don't think make a difference in our lives. But we realize it totally does! Such as exercizing 30 minutes instead of just 15. It doesn't seem like much, but it totally makes a difference, especially over time! Also he talked a lot about the move of social media in the church. He encouraged us to encourage the members of our wards and branches to use social media to share their beliefs more and to invite non members to everything! It's really cool to see how much the church uses social media. It's for us! So I encourage everyone to use it to share what you believe. It doesn't have to be through straight up bearing your testimony, it can be something small like sharing a cute Mormon message about families or something. But social media has a huge impact. But no, we're not getting ipads anytime soon, in case you were wondering.
Fun fact, us four Busto missionaries are singing at a Catholic funeral tomorrow and Sorella Yost is speaking and I'll be bearing my testimony. Woooo! Super terrified but super stoked :) I'm hoping we'll be able to bring the Spirit and it will comfort those who are present. The funeral of this woman is the cousin of a family in my ward who passed away very recently. She's not a member, but the sisters before us sang for her and shared the Plan of Salvation with her and she really liked it. So we've been asked to sing at her funeral tomorrow morning. Wish me luck that my voice will magically sound decent!
And last but certainly  not least, we're in Ravenna right now! Woo! So Ravenna is in the more Southern end of our mission and it is world famous for it's mosaics! I'll have lots of pictures next week :) Sorella Yost's Permesso came in, which is why we're down here. It is sooo cute here, it's so what I pictured Italy being. I love it!! But yeah, we got the call yesterday  morning that we have to go to Ravenna today, so we were a little frantic yesterday. We spent the night with the Milano Lampugnano sorelle (aka Sorella Snow and her trainer!) So fun! And then we took the train here this morning. Crazy. But so fun! I got to meet my sister! (The other sister that Sorella Yost trained right before me) I super hope we get to serve together someday, she's super awesome.
Anyway, this is getting long and even more all over the place. I love you all so much! Thank you for everything you have always done for me and for all that you continue to do for me. Just know that I'm thinking of you and praying for you all. Best of luck in all you do, and always look for God's hand in your life. It's amazing the things He does for us. I love you all! Vi voglio bene!!
Sorella Hawks :)-

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