Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Italy, Week 36 (7/15/15) - Dream City

Hello and welcome to the wonderful land of Cimiano Milano! (Pronounce Chee-mee-on-no) It's not the most beautiful city, but it's definitely got the best work I've ever seen with my own eyes. It's incredible! We teach so many lessons and have so many appointments! In my other cities there was always at least a few hours of just finding pretty much everyday, but here there is none of that. No time. What?! No time to do finding?! I still can't fully wrap my head around it. We teach people on the metro between appointments and it's so fun! I never thought I would like the metro, but I really do! It's kinda fun and you see a lot of interesting people. One guy got on, turned on his boom box, and just got down and jiggy with it. Obviously for money, but it was still pretty entertaining.
My companion is awesome. Her name is Sorella Nilsen and we have the same trainer! So we're literally sisters haha. We get along super well and we're both super determined to lose weight this transfer: yay!  My gosh there are just so many people and so many things I don't even know what to talk about... Sunday was great, the ward welcomed me with open arms, which was really nice. The majority of our ward and the people we meet with are from South America, mostly Peru. They're super wonderful and loving. Plus I'm learning Spanish here and there which is pretty fun. We also meet with some Filipino people and they're so wonderful. Gosh, all of the people we work with are so loving

Anywho, I'm sorry but I really don't know what else to say... Oh! I see Sorella Burt a lot, my Como who I was with for three transfers in Trieste, it's super fun! We did a Pday together today at the duomo! We went to the top! We died of heat. It's freaking hot here... 41degrees Celsius.... It's awful. I'm sweating so much.
Whelp, just know at God is there. I'm starting to learn that we can find inspiration and learn something knew from every chapter and every moment we put into studying the scriptures. Even the war chapters throughout the Book of Mormon is filled with things that we can learn and take from them; how to arm ourselves against the world and Satan, how to be prepared, to always turn to the Lord and repent and be humble, and sooo much more. I know that if I read the scriptures and after I didn't learn something new or was reminded of something I need to work on, I didn't study well. We always need to start and finish it
with a prayer and stay tuned in with the Spirit. The scriptures are how God speaks to us. Find what He's trying to tell you!
I love you all so much, keep up the good works and always stay strong.
Vi voglio bene!
Sorella Hawks :)

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