Monday, January 30, 2017

Do What You Know, Try What You Don't

Most of us have been inspired by the story found in Moses 5:5-8 when Adam is asked by an angel why he is performing a sacrifice and he responds, "I know not, save the Lord commanded me." It teaches us exact obedience to commands that we don't fully understand. I always took that lesson as a lesson in what some might call "blind obedience"; simply obeying because we love and trust the Lord even if we don't know why we do it. This week, however, I learned how to apply the teachings of this scripture to myself in a more meaningful way. 
It's not only about "blind obedience" it's about doing what you know and letting that drive you to try what you don't know. Adam knew what he was doing and how to do it, having learned how to make animal sacrifices from the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. But he didn't know the why, which for many people prevents us from actually doing something. But he took what he knew, the how and the what of sacrifice, and decided to try it, even if he didn't have all the answers. 
So it is with us. We rarely know all three aspects of a commandment: What, How, Why. That's where faith is meant to make up the difference. If we knew everything why would we need faith? What 
 would the point of coming to this earth be if God gave us everything right away? We are made better when we are given the opportunity to show our faith and commitment to our loving Father in Heaven that we trust Him enough to give Him a chance, to let Him play an essential role in our lives. Let us all show more commitment to our God Who does so much for us and try a little more to be a little more faithful and obedient. 

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