Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Italy, Week 63 (1/20/16) - BERNICE IS BAPTIZED!!!!!

Bernice got baptized!!!! Yaaaaaayyyy! I'm so happy!!! And literally everything for her baptism went PERFECTLY. Like, so perfect it made me nervous because, um, that never happens. We had hot water that filled up just in time, we had speakers, people came, we had bap clothes that fit and weren't see-through when she got wet. It was all so perfect!!  And everyone was so good to her! Right after one of the women that spoke said that we need to get her good visiting teachers right away.  She's not even in the relief society presidency! This woman though, Sorella Trevisani, is amazing. She has such a good heart and loves everyone unconditionally. My gosh, just thinking about Sunday makes me so happy and get so geeky and fan-girly over Bernice. She's so solid and amazing!! Bah!

Anyway, I need to calm down now. She'll be receiving he Holy Ghost
in sacrament meeting this upcoming Sunday :)

This week was great! Obviously. We had a
scambio with the Sorelle from a close-ish city called Brescia. One is training, so it was fun to have a greenie over.  They're awesome and we ate the greenie's first whole pizza together! Then we just finished another scambio yesterday with the Sorelle from Bergamo. This time we went to different cities because President said its okay to do some scambi the way we used to as we get used to the new change of always having them in our city. So I stayed here with one sister and Sorella Griffin went to Bergamo with the other two. It was a good scambio! We were going to do a pass by, so we got on the bus, talked to a few people, then I checked the map on my iPad to see where we were and I realized that we had gotten on the buss going the wrong way... Oops! But it's okay because I met a super cool woman from Romania on that bus. God lets us make mistakes for a reason! Then we went to where we were supposed to go to do this pass by and after being confused for a little we realized that the apartment we were looking for was clear at the end of the street. Her house was 1 and we were standing by 117. So we turned around and decided we'll come back another day.

This week was a little crazy in preparing for the baptism, running here and there to make programs and get them printed, calling people to participate, inviting EVERYONE. speaking of which, right after the baptism and everyone had left, we just took a moment to bask in the joy of Bernice's accomplishment, when our phone rang. The person was marked as an investigator, but we had no idea who it was. When I answered it was a pretty angry-sounding lady asking why we invited her to a baptism and why we needed her to be there. She was a sassy little thing. I don't think she's very interested in the Church anymore. When I said who we were she said, "oh, you guys." Haha! She didn't sound very pleased. But it didn't hinder our joy :)

Guys, everything in life is a choice. If you think someone is weird
, that is a choice. If there's someone that just somehow manages to always get on your nerves and everything they say rubs you the wrong way, that is a choice. We can choose to not like a person because they're weird or don't have the same sense of humor as us. OR we can choose to love them and laugh with them anyway. I had this moment last night when someone called. This person isn't like any person I've ever met, but they are a very good person. He decided to tell me a story and it was sooo weird but sooo hilarious. As I was listening I realized that there was a choice laying right there in front of me. It was so small, and really wouldn't change my life very much, but nonetheless a choice, that would ultimately affect my happiness at the moment in some way. The choice was that I could sit there and listen to this story he made with the attitude that this kid is weird, what is he doing?, when will he stop, etc. OR I could just enjoy it. I could find common ground and find the humor in it and enjoy the story.  In the end I chose to be happy. That's really what those two choices came down to. I could have a sour attitude and judge him, OR I could BE HAPPY and ENJOY THE MOMENT. Life isn't about other people or outside things entertaining you. It's not about constantly trying to please and entertain others either. It's about being entertained and enjoying life TOGETHER. sure, someone has a totally different sense of humor than you. They think totally different than you. Maybe they still have a little bit of growing up to do. But don't we all? Why let these little things affect our love for our brothers and sisters? Why allow walls to be built between us? Why judge people? Why not give them a chance to be your best friend? I invite you all, and myself as well, to break down those walls. Forget the past titles you've given to people in your mind. Get rid of the "needy" sticky note you mentally stuck on your friend's forehead, so that's all you see when
you look at her. See every person you meet and already know as 
God sees them. They are beautiful. They are funny. They are sweet. They are imperfect. They are loved, by God and by you. I promise all of you, MY dear brothers and sisters, that you will be SO much happier.  You will find joy being in the presence of ANY person. You will be edified by each person you come in contact with. And best of all, you will help them feel loved and wanted.

I love each of you dearly. Thank you for the love you've shown me
.  Have a wonderful day and give someone a hug :)
voglio un mondo di bene
Sorella Hawks :)
Need to pray? Don't worry, you can have five people praying to the Madonna at once! #italy

View outside the church :)

I <3 Verona

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Bap selfies :)

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