Saturday, October 4, 2014

Danielle, MTC, Week 2, October 1
Hello dear family and friends! Happy October!
I've survived my second week! Did I start my last letter with that? Sorry... But it's exciting! Things are starting to pick up a little more here. This week didn't feel nearly as long as last week, but I look back and think "Has it really only been 2 weeks??" But it's great. The food is starting to take it's toll on me, but don't worry, I won't pull what I pulled at school with the Cannon Center.
Let's see, what happened this week.... Hmmm things just kind of blur together here at the MTC when you're doing pretty much the same thing everyday....
The Sunday Devotional was really good. Stephen B. Allen spoke and he's the managing director of the mission department. So cool! He talked about the First Vision and how it was the Marvelous Work and Wonder that is mentioned in the scriptures. He told us how we are not partially invested in this work, but we are fully invested in spreading forth the great news of this Marvelous Work. We need to give our entire heart, all of our strength, our whole mind, and all our might in performing this work. He also talked about when Satan tries to bring us down and put us in a dark place, we need to follow the example of Joseph Smith and use all of our strength to call upon God and never give up. It was a really great talk. I almost wish that they published the talks that are given at the MTC so you could look them up and see how great they are. But oh well...
The Tuesday night devotional was also really good. Elder Gregory A. Schwitzer of the Seventy spoke about the importance of the 10 Commandments and how we need to teach people about them in a way that our investigators will come to know why and how they are important for themselves. It was really nice. Afterward our district had a great discussion on the devotional and we talked about the importance of the 10 Commandments and repentance and being there for our investigators as they struggle to change their lives to live in harmony with God. It was really Spiritual and really touching.
The rest of the week was pretty typical MTC. OH! The funny thing that happened this week was watching the movie "Legacy" after the Devotional Sundaynight. I've seen that movie before, but it was not as funny as it was this time. I think because we don't have any TV or internet as missionaries, we try to find as much entertainment in anything that comes close to it as we can. There's one scene where this guy kisses the main character and as soon as he went in for the kiss, we hear one Elder behind us go "BLECH" like a gagging noise and everyone was freaking out. It's only be two weeks for some of us and we're already freaking out about PDA and whatnot. Oh the MTC. The powers it has. Anyway, I know that if I every watch it after coming home it won't be funny at all... But hey, it was good entertainment for a group of missionaries.
So our old investigator Claudio became our new teacher, Fratello Knutson. He is SO GOOD. Oh my gosh!! He's really fun and he keeps our lessons really active and interesting. But he's so spiritual too. He helps us to see the importance of all the we do and why we do it. It's so awesome.
Yesterday he had us teach our companion a lesson based on their needs by asking questions and making them think. It was so awesome. I felt so much closer to Sorella Snow. It reminded me why we were put together and that it was truly inspired.
Each week I improve on something. This week I've begun to improve on loving everyone and being able to see people through God's eyes. It is absolutely amazing to be able to see people the way God sees them and to know that we are all His children. Even though I may not know someone well, when I teach them, I just feel an immense amount of love for them because I am able to see a bit of how much God loves them and I can truly see them as a child of God. It's truly amazing and I invite everyone to try that. Your heart opens so much and it has brought me so much joy to love people in this way.
I've also begun to learn how to hear and feel the promptings of the Spirit and have the faith to follow them. Miracles come from following the Spirit when teaching.
Let's see.... I can't really think of anything else. I'm feeling better! I had a rough patch with my cold, but I think I'm finally getting over it. The air is getting chillier, but it's so nice. I love fall.
Well I can't really think of anything else to say... Oh! Our new investigators are Antione and Keyla. Antione is 21 and he likes to party and drink. So it'll be interesting as we continue to teach him... Keyla is 16 and not very religious, but she does pray. She's committed to praying, so that's exciting! Antoine also committed to start praying to create a relationship with God. So good stuff! Hopefully it will continue to go well.
Anywho, I love you all so much! Thank you so much for all your love and support (and milk) Did I thank you Mom and Dad for the milk?? It made my day. Plus I loved telling people that I got a package of milk and one was a mystery flavor. It was great. I love hearing from all of you! I love hearing how everyone is doing, and pictures!! Pictures are so great! Which reminds me, I have pictures! I should upload them... Well I can't figure it out right now... I'll probably send another email in a bit with some pictures.... Love you all!!

Sorella Hawks :)

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